Diamond Inn – #1 on the Tour

The Bar: The Diamond Inn

The Address: 271 Grafton St

The price: 5 bucks

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime: She did ask. “You want a lime?” I said of course.

What was the type of gin: She asked what I wanted and I shook my head and said whatever she has. That is one of the rules of this exercise. I will not ask for a particular It was just some well gin, pretty harsh.

What was the gin and tonic like:It was in a pint glass with a good amount of ice, but the over abundance of gin took care of that. It was a splash of tonic to anoint the gin only. It was cheap end gin in a glass. I was pretty loose when I left. This is when I realized that I couldn’t sample more than one or two bars a night doing this Gin and Tonic survey.

The Joint: It had so many beer and liquor signs around the place I was feeling like I had vertigo. There was space in the place, but the bar area felt cramped. It was dark and didn’t feel all too clean.  They had the prerequisite dart area, but no one was playing. There was pool, there were tables strewn about.

General Impressions: When I came in, not too many people in at this time of day, a large guy was entering screaming the lyrics to some song. The people behind the bar shook their heads and smiled and started chatting with him. It was pretty empty but they had two bartenders working. One came over to me and then shouted to the other to take care of me. What? Was I too hot potato for one bartender? It was not a friendly place, not to newcomers ordering gin and tonics at least.

Will I come back: After ten minutes, I headed to the door for my escape.  I had to slide past the young woman who was eight months pregnant as she hobbled into the bar. Now, it doesn’t mean she was going to drink, but it was just the perfect thing for me to see as I was leaving, thinking, get me the hell out of here. Does that answer the question? It’s no. I’m good, but I don’t need to come back.


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