Marty’s Pub – #6 in the tour

The Bar: Marty’s. Formerly the space for Magoo’s.

The Address: 225 Canterbury St

The Price: 5 bucks

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime: Yes.

What was the type of gin: He asked me what kind of gin I wanted, I told him I didn’t care. He looked at his bottles and poured Tanqueray into the glass. It was a twelve ounce glass, that reminded me of old Coca-Cola glasses.

What was the gin and tonic like: I tasted the gin, I tasted the tonic. There was not too much ice. It was a decent drink. I got a slight buzz, but I wasn’t floored. The Tanqueray certainly helped.

The Joint: I was driving around and just saw this bar. This was not a planned visit. I figured it was fine to go and try it. Was I little scared that it was going to be sketchy? You bet. But I am still early on this project and I don’t know what to expect when going into a strange bar on a street I don’t often drive down. If this could be the result, all of these visits will be very pleasant indeed.

I walked in on a Sunday at 5 pm and I was shocked to see a brightly lit bar with a few set areas and about 15 or 20 people sitting and talking. There was a set area for darts and three people were playing. Groups were talking and cross pollinating. People were friendly. One guy was going on and on about a video he had on his phone where an eighty year old woman was in a dancing contest. He kept on saying that that was how he would like to be when he was old. He was showing it to a lot of the folk present, even talked to me about it. The place was clean. You could see the bar and everyone was smiling and it was pretty loud.

General Impressions: It felt like I was the only one who didn’t know anyone. But I didn’t feel excluded. I was just drinking my high ball and watching the show. So this is a neighborhood bar. Now is this how it is on a Saturday night. I wouldn’t know, but for a Sunday afternoon, this was a lively group. I felt comfortable there. It was the first time that I started this where I wanted another drink and to stay for a spell. I was watching the folk play darts. I was listening to conversation. There was a large span of ages at the bar and everyone was chatty with each other. I could have just picked the happy moment at an unpleasant place, but I don’t think that was the case.

Will I come back: This is the first one of this exercise where the answer is a strong yes. It will not be my once a week joint, but it will be a place I can imagine going with someone if we are nearby. I was there for nearly thirty minutes, my longest time, and I had to make myself go to another bar. I was happy where I was.


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