McGuire’s – #9 on the Tour

The Bar: McGuire’s

The Address 5 Saugus Place (off of Cambridge Street)

The price: 5.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime. He did and put it in with no extra charge.

What was the type of gin: Tanqueray. This was the standard gin for the order. The bartender said that that’s one of the reasons that makes McGuire’s the hidden jewel of the Worcester Bar Scene, the five fifty tanqueray and tonics (more on that further down the review, how can I leave that comment alone?)

What was the gin and tonic like: In a pint glass with a lot of gin. It was a good strong drink. It was a little too much gin, but it was refreshing. Can I just say I finished the whole glass? Such a good boy I am.

The Joint: I’m not sure if this is a hidden jewel but it is kind of hidden. Off of Cambridge Street, across a parking lot. There doesn’t seem to be a main entrance, just a bunch of side doors you can slink into. The place a pretty nice sized box. A nice size bar. A pool table. Darts for the darty. It has a dive feel. Kind of run down, not pristine clean. Not a bad place for a beer. And it felt very roomy.

General Impressions: It felt very roomy because I was the only one there. When I walked in I didn’t even see the bartender, thinking me alone, in a strange lost scene from a Twilight Zone episode. This was Wednesday around nine of an evening. The bartender was very friendly and made me a fine drink. I noticed they were having 50/50 raffle and I asked about it. The bartender told me it was for another bartender who had gotten in a bad car accident and it was for medical expenses. I bought two tickets.

This got us into other conversations. I asked if it always was this slow on Wednesdays. He said not always. Their dart team was playing a bout at Marty’s down the street and they no doubt would show up later. I mentioned that I liked that place and he said it was good but they had kooky hours. Not opened on Monday, things like that. The bartender told me he sold antiques, that he went to estate sales and storage unit auctions and we talked on that for a while. It is always a pleasure to find out how other people live and how other people value the things around them. These are the benefits to chatting at bars.

We talked some more and he spoke of this joint with pride. Said where else can you find a Tanqueray and Tonic for five fifty. I couldn’t deny this, so took a long sip from my drink as if that was agreement enough. Then he said the joint was the Hidden Jewel of Worcester. I can get snarkier than I already have been, but hell, how often do you see such pride in a run down gin mill? This should be something praised and not mocked, but I might mock just a tad more.

A woman walked in and the spell of a bar all to myself was broken, besides, my drink was done, and I really wanted to head home, so I did.

Will I come back; How can I say no to the Hidden Jewel of Worcester? In all seriousness, I had a nice half hour drinking my drink and talking to the bartender. Nothing wrong with a conversation with booze in the mix. I might check it out again. Which is the first time I say this in this tour. I just can’t tell what the place is about with just me in there. I liked it, but who knows what the regulars are like. So, yes, maybe.


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