Mickey O’Neill’s : #7 on the Tour

The Bar: Mickey O’Neill’s  formerly Nuff Ced, now it is this authentic named bar, as every  bar in merry old Ireland is called. I had to look up the name of this one a few times, even after I went. It just won’t stick in my head, like it’s not a real name. Bartender Brian called a bar named like this Paddy McDrinky. But hey, you know it’s an Irish bar. Actually I think it would be much cooler if a bar named this was actually a Kosher Deli. Now that’s a place name you’ll never forget. Come to  Mickey O’Neill’s  for the Matza Ball Soup. With a name like Mickey O’Neill’s  you know this place is a Mitzva!!!

The Address: 377 Park Ave

Price: Six dollars

Did he ask if I wanted a lime: No. He just put it in.

What was the type of Gin: This place had a nice selection of gins: I saw Boodles and Bulldog and other non-alliterative choices. After looking at the bottles, the bartender picked up the Tanqueray and poured me a good one.

How was the Gin and Tonic: It was good. I thought it was a decent cocktail.

The Joint:  This used to be a different bar, Nuff Ced. But the bartender told me a few months back they redid as a traditional Irish bar. What is a traditional Irish bar really? If you said the kind you would see in Hollywood movies, like Darby O’Gill and the Little People, than this is a traditional Irish bar. The place was crazy clean. The floor was hard wood. The bar was spacious. There was a communal table in the middle of the space. There were fake signs you might pick up in Home Goods that seem to be the kind of signs a bar would have. The liquor selection was excellent. There were single malt scotches and good Irish whiskeys and other fine spirits.

But I just couldn’t get over how this felt more like a set for an Irish Bar than an actual one. It was just me, the bartender and a couple guys setting up instruments to play later in the evening, so it did feel unreal, like we have the barn dressed up for the play, but no actors.

General Impression: When I’m the only paying customer in a joint, its hard to really judge a place, but I just couldn’t get over the set design feel. You want to film a movie at an Irish bar, this might be a fine place, but you want to sit and have a drink, I think there might be other more comfortable places. The bartender was friendly enough. He told me he has enjoyed the shift from Meat Market joint, when it was Nuff Ced to this more laid back joint now that it was this faux Irish Bar. Told me it was the same owners, they just wanted a different feel.

Will I Come Back: I don’t think so. It did have a great liquor selection, the best I have come across in this tour so far, so if I wanted a nice drink I might think of coming here. But I have a feeling I will find other places in Worcester that have a good selection of spirits that are more comfortable.


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