Art’s Diner – #11 on the Tour

The Bar: Art’s Diner

The Address 541 West Boylston St

The price: He asked me if I wanted a small or large and I didn’t know what to do. What was the goal here? To sample or to get the most out of the experience? I am sure I had one of those weird twisted faces of indecision on my face. I finally realized I had had a gin and tonic earlier and do I really want a super sized burden. I got the small and it was 4.35. Haven’t seen that price range before, but it was under five bucks, so that’s a good thing in this tour.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime: Yes. I put a wedge in thank goodness for that.

What was the type of gin: I told him no preference and I got a well bottle.

What was the gin and tonic like: Flavorless. It had no character. It had a lot of alcohol, but it didn’t taste of much, which is why I was happy for the lime garnish. It was a twelve ounce glass.

The Joint: This place has character. A good sized bar, tables for diners behind and a good section for pool table and dart board. It has a run down though clean look. The floors have a great black and white tile design, like the hallway from my grandmother’s apartment building in Brooklyn(now there’s an odd aside). It has down home local bar cred but it also has a nice hipster feel to it,

General Impressions:  There were a few women who were joking with the bartender. The bartender was kissing and being affectionate with one of women. There was a lot of volume going on for so few people. The guy sitting next to me at the bar was gone, real gone, tongue out, not being able to form sentences to the bartender. I don’t know if it was because of a long life of drink or some other reason. The bartender kidded him, not in a bad way, but as in a friendly, we take all kinds here, sort of way.

I didn’t have much to pay attention to so I found myself watching the TV next to the bar. It had on the Ang Lee Hulk movie that my friends told me was awful. It certainly looked like a train wreck. I watched a big green cartoonish Hulk jumping around the desert being chased by helicopters. If I was at home, drinking a beer, I would have turned the channel. But I was at a bar. My choices were not my own. I chose to be here, I chose the drink I was having, but the TV was what was on, and I enjoyed being tortured by a lousy movie. I didn’t have a say in it. The movie was on, and the lack of decisions was a pleasure. This always happens to me at bars. I will love whatever is on the TV, even if it is the Snooker Competition on ESPN Two. Candlepin Bowling on TV? If it is on the bar TV, you bet. A pleasure.

Will I come back: Maybe. It was quiet when I was there and I can imagine it being pretty packed. But the laid back attitude was pretty appealing. The bartender with his pride and joy, the classic car in the parking lot, was fun and full of energy. If I’m in the area, why not?


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