Galway Bay Pub – #12 on the tour

The Bar: Galway Bay Pub

The Address 186 Stafford Street

The price $5.25

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She did.

What was the type of gin It was a well type.

What was the gin and tonic like It was in a pint glass, with a good deal of gin, but it wasn’t too alcoholic. It had pretty good flavor. Was it the tonic? Was it the gin? Was it because I downed it quickly and I didn’t give the ice enough time to melt and dilute it? Who knows? Not me. I ain’t a drink critic. I’m a tourist here.

The Joint: I had a Dr. Who Tardis moment when I walked in. It looked like a small little joint and when I walked in it was a good sized place with booths, a big U shaped bar and place for bands to play. If a Dalek came out of the bathroom, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

This is an Irish Bar, the kind you want. Dark, heavy wood, a lot of bottles at the bar. When I wrote about Mickey O’Neil’s I said that place felt like a fake Irish pub, this was more what it should be. Comfortable.

General Impressions It was a Thursday afternoon and only a few people were there. The bartender was talking to the other guy at the bar and she kept on talking. They were into a lively conversation and she got to me and my order after a minute. She talked to the guy some more and asked me if I wanted a lime. She talked to him for a bit longer and then she made my drink. I gave her my money and she held on to it for two minutes before she got around to making change, she was conversating for god sakes. This is bone of annoyance to me I know its slow, I know you like talking to people, but I would like my drink. I really think a bartender should tend bar, and conversations can be put on hold. Maybe coming to a bar on an off time is how you tell how the place really is. Here I found that the conversation she was having was more important than attending to customers.

I didn’t stay long, about five minutes. I had a call and had to go, but I don’t think I would have stayed for too much longer.

Will I come back No, and it wasn’t because of the bartender, the coolness of the joint far out weighed my pique. No, the parking there is awful. It is on a busy intersection and one of the roads is one way and it was nerve wracking  I’m still looking for the ultimate Irish bar in Worcester. This was closer, but I just want one that’s easier to get in and then escape from.galway-bay.jpg (1037×778)


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