Fat Tony’s Pub- #13 on the Tour

The Bar: Fat Tony’s Pub

The Address 1051 Main Street (This used to be down the street and when I started this tour, I was sad to see it was gone, because this was a place I was always curious about but too wary (read scared) to go in. But with the tour, I have to go to every bar, so there you are.

The price: 5.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime. Yes, and he squeezed it and then put it in

What was the type of gin He asked if I wanted Tanqueray or House. I liked how he said house instead of well. House gin makes me think of a sweet subtle little house red the Italian restaurant’s owner makes in a vat in the back parking lot. It was a wonderful thought, but of course it was not meant to be.

What was the gin and tonic like: It had flavor. Boy howdy it had flavor. It didn’t taste exactly right. It coated my mouth like syrup. After I left, I went to the place Bartender Brian was working and had a B and B to get the taste out of mouth.  

The Joint: It was a clean, open place with a bar that gave the bartender plenty of room. It had a sign saying they had jello shots for a dollar. The drinks came in fake mason jars that had an ad on it for Bud Light Lime Ritas. There was a group of women in the corner and I was surprised because this didn’t feel like such a girls night out joint. I found out later there was about ten men, probably their men, in another room. This separation of men and women was surprising, like I was at an Orthodox Bar Mitzva.

General Impressions: This is a bar for tough people, though they drank differently than that. A woman at the bar had a green drink, and the designated incessant talker at the bar asked what it was, it came back that it was a Tipsy Turtle which had Medori. The bar talker than went rhapsodic about how he used to drink Medori all the time. He loved Medori Martinis. Oh how he loved Medori Martinis. He asked the bartender if he knew how to make Medori Martinis. “Yeah, you put Medori in a martini glass.” The bar talker focused on me when I ordered my gin and tonic. “Gin. Wow. Someone’s ordering gin. Who orders gin anymore. I used to drink gin.” Of course he did. This was odd, I didn’t know I was drinking one of those forgotten cocktails from pre-prohibition times. Yes the forgotten drinks of yore, the Corpse Reviver and the Gin and Tonic.

I couldn’t get the taste of the drink out of my mouth so decide my time was almost up. I was surprised that the place only had about 10 or so folk in it on a Saturday night, but as I got up to leave I noticed there was a whole other room. A games room. Filled with darts, pool table, video games and men. 12 or so very hard men. Some met my gaze wondering why I was there. Just leaving friends, just leaving.

Will I come back: No.



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