Snoozed and Losed #1- Webster House

Well there is one place I won’t need to stop at for a gin and tonic: the Webster House is closed. It makes me sad to see old school institutions go away, but that’s how it is.

I drank there once like 12 years ago, I think I had a beer. I had dinner there once with my family, I think it was decent.

The last time I was there was about five years ago. A friend was using one of the function rooms for an engagement party. It was a Saturday afternoon, it was a nice time, except….I went for some air and walked by the front door and saw commotion. An elderly man, walking in for lunch, was just pushed down roughly by two youths and his wallet was taken. This was right outside the restaurant’s door. The old man was bleeding from his forehead. I overheard a waitress say something to another like “Happened again.” The cops came and I went back to the party. We ate cake.

Farewell Webster House, I am sure your Gin and Tonic was the best in Worcester



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