Madigans Again – #18 on the Tour

The Bar: Madigan’s Again

The Address 545 Southwest Cutoff

The price Four Dollars for a twelve ounce glass

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime Not only did he not ask if I wanted one, I didn’t get one.

What was the type of gin: This must be said that Madigan’s is not a place for mixed drinks. They only had 30 liquor bottles total behind the bar. This is a beer place. The bartender sheepishly said, “We only have Tanqueray, that alright?” Sure, sure.

What was the gin and tonic like I like lime in my Gin and Tonics. But it was pretty alright. He didn’t kill it with too many ice cubes. A nice drink to finish off a tough work week.

The Joint: This is a tiny tiny place that caters to their people. There are darts and that seems to be what the place is about. I was the only person there when I came in. The bartender was friendly, we spoke about golf for a bit (yeah, me such a golfer, feh). The place is pretty run down and it feels that that is the way they like it. A clean pristine veneer would feel weird. This is a old bar for older folk, got a problem with that?

General Impressions: This such a little box. The guy tending bar was playing some bar video game when I came in, but was happy to serve me. Then an older couple came in, they got their drinks without asking. They both had plastic holders to keep their keno cards. They played their cards, they waited to win. They kept on talking to the bartender. Another guy came and he gave the couple hugs and they talked about friends and what they were all doing. He got his drink without asking as well.

Right before I left, watching everyone laughing and hugging and being happy and belonging, I suddenly became melancholy, which is what caused the next paragraph.

The thing about bars is that the first time you go in, you are the stranger. You are the other. You are the person that no one knows. When THEY come in, THEY are greeted like old friends, slapped on the back, given their preferred beer without even asking, allowed to place themselves on their appointed seats like royalty. You have to ask for a drink, and don’t forget to be polite. Don’t forget to not look at anyone too long. Don’t forget that you are a guest here. You are paying for your seat, but that doesn’t give you rights to the stool you are sitting. This is a rental. You are a rental, you are the face in the back of the crowd. You will finish your drink and leave, this is not your home, this is not your place. Every time you go into a new bar is a lesson in loneliness. You are the only one not knowing anyone.Everything is new and unfamiliar: The stool, the set up, the way the bar feels on your resting arm. The only thing vaguely familiar is the gin and tonic in front of you. Enjoy your drink, leave a tip as you move on to something or somewhere you can call your own.

Will I come back: No, it was a small little joint, not mine. For a place where people play darts and keno, this is a fine place to put down stakes, just not for me.


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