Blackstone Tap – #4 on the Tour

The Bar: Blackstone Tap

The Address 81 Water Street

The price Six dollars

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime Yes, and I got one

What was the type of gin: It was a well gin

What was the gin and tonic like It was a pint glass with a hell of a lot of ice, jammed with it. It tasted okay, nothing memorable either way. This is from a visit I had two months ago, and I just can’t seem to remember all that much.

The Joint: Let it be known, I have a thing for places that have exposed brick for walls. This place made me happy in that regard. They had all the cool bar things, like special drink machines and neon signs. It is a big place with games in the back. A bunch of young men were playing darts in the back, being louder than there number would suggest.

General Impressions: I suppose the fact that it took me two months to write this up is indication that the place to compell good or ill. It was a good middle of the road place. Nothing spectacular, a little dull in the way that it feels like a lot of sports bars. I had a drink at a bar, and that pretty much is it. 

The bartender was animated. Excited about the Red Sox opening day in Boston. He loudly told the guy who was near him (so near he didn’t have to shout, but this is Sox opening day and one must be boisterous) that he was going, he didn’t have a ticket, just to go and drink and be part of the scene. He was the only bit of excitement there.

Will I come back: Maybe yes, it is such a neutral place that I don’t mind if someone suggest we go there. If someone suggests another place, and not this, I would be cool with that too. What can I say, in the Land of Zero to Ten Rating Scales, you have just entered the Number Five.


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