Union Tavern – #19 on the Tour

The Bar: Union Tavern – this is where Creegan’s Pub used to be.

The Address 65 Green St.

The price Seven Dollars. This again was me making a mistake, the bartender upselled very smartly and I, who should know better, fell for it. He said, “Tanqueray alright?” and I said sure instead of saying “Just well drink please.” I looked and well drinks are five fifty, so there you go.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He did.

What was the type of gin Tanqueray, dammit. I got to follow my own rules.

What was the gin and tonic like: It was good, it was in a pint glass, it tasted decent. Nothing to fight over or be put through a window for, but it was good.

The Joint A nice open place with a good sized bar. The place was clean and presentable with darts and pool in the back. The front is for drinking, fella. The crowd was mostly young, mostly town. They talked about cars, the demise of the Summer National, how a guy on the street was talking nonsense about how rare and powerful his car was. The bar had many many bottles of flavored vodka, (Though the bartender said to a regular, that he didn’t care for flavored vodka seemed to be against the very idea of it. Which was a big plus for the guy and the joint, having a bartender have an opinion on the product. He made a drink for a woman with one of them and he tried to make it better, by suggesting that he can add other spirits to it to make it taste more palatable, though the woman was happy with what she got.)

General Impressions A bar for Worcester folk in their twenties and thirties, they felt happy being there and talking wormtown to wormtowners. In the last bar I went to I was waxing sad that I was too young for the crowd, now I am too old for this place, when will I find a place made for a finicky middle aged person such as myself?

The big event discussed when I was there, was a bar fight in the place next door. A guy was put through a plate glass window. The bartender wasn’t in the bar when I entered, he was at the other bar looking at the security footage that explained the whole event of the bar fight. He narrated it to his regulars, he even began to act it out. As if the back of the bar was center stage, he was performing the one man show – Kid through a Plate Glass Window. Who needs Spaulding Gray or Eric Bogosian, when we are blessed with the bartenders of Worcester? I was listening to the tale of bar tabs and retribution and broken windows, but then I realized, this is not why I come to bars. To hear of the misfortune of others. Well, not that much, at any right. I finished my drink and left the bartender in mid performance.

Will I come back: No, it was a fine place with a good selection, but this was not my crowd. The wonderful thing about having so many bars is that you can have choices of where you can melt into and where you can stand out for a little bit, and leave.



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