The Banner – #20 on the Tour

The Bar The Banner Bar and Grill

The Address 112 Green Street (wow, this is the third bar in a row on Green Street, this is actually looking like a tour or at least a crawl, so I better find another street for the next one, ust to spice things up)

The price: 5.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime: This is the first time that I didn’t sit at the bar, and the first time I brought a Virgil with me, I had my friend Epicure Eric in tow. We sat at a table, for six on Sunday, it was the last open table, and I just did a fast order to the waitress, where I said well gin with a lime.

What was the type of gin It was well.

What was the gin and tonic like: I had a fun time at the joint with Eric and the gin tasted good, maybe it was the mood, maybe it was a good cocktail, probably a little bit of both.

The Joint: Short Order Steve said this is one of his favorite places, so when our first choice for food and a drink was packed, I suggested this place. I told Eric that I was going to do the tour and the rule of course is that I just get a gin and tonic and nothing else, no second drink, no food. Eric smiled at me, like I was such a silly boy.

This is a nice place. A restaurant bar. The seats were comfortable and there were a lot of flatscreens around with sports showing. I said to Eric that it was a sports bar. Eric said it felt like an Irish Bar. He then asked me what makes a sports bar and an irish bar, and I paused, I dont know. I really don’t know. Can someone help me with this. I mean you can watch sports at  an Irish bar, and I am sure there is more than one sports bar where a happy drunk would sing out a broken rendition of Black Velvet Band.

We got our drinks and I looked over at the bar and someone got the onion rings looked good. Eric said we can have some. I told him my rules. He ordered onion rings and when they came he took pleasure in watching me instantly tuck in. They were delicious. Eric liked how they didn’t use bread crumbs and I liked how you can taste the onions. I guess if I was going to break a rule, I might as well do it with something delicious.

General Impressions There was a lot of people there, but it didn’t feel packed. It was a well run joint, we got our food and drinks in a timely fashion. There was a couple odd things that happened. The big one was the dance of the competing waitresses. When we sat we got a red haired waitress and she got our drink orders. A minute later a brunette waitress came by and asked if she get out drinks, we said we were already taken care of. Then the red head waitress took our food order and a minute later the brunette reappeared to see if we wanted any food. This happened two more times, first the red head and then soon after the brunette. Obviously there was a fight over tables, it was slightly strange.

The other thing was when we were walking into the bar the door man was staring at us, or at least it looked like he was looking at us, but then he said, “They’re towing my car” and ran out into the street. When we saw him as we were leaving, we asked him about his car, and he said the tow truck wasn’t taking his truck, but was parking so he can go to the Banner for dinner. Isn’t that sweet? But let me tell you, the look of anger on the door guy when we were coming in made me feel slightly off.

Will I come back Yes. I think this might be a place for beer and fries. It was a good welcoming place, despite the Waitress Roller Derby Throw Down.



2 thoughts on “The Banner – #20 on the Tour

  1. Melicia
    Thanks for reading. I think that’s a good definition of IRish Bar, being one with no TV, but I have been in Moynihan’s, Monaugh’s, Fiddler’s Green, Micky O’Neil’s, Galway Bay and maybe a couple others considered to be Irish Bars and all had TVs on. Some of them had sports, but some had other shows as well. As far as I can recall, because I don’t take notes on this tour concerning the TV, I have been to only one place without a TV going (I think that was Still and Stir, but again, I could be wrong about that one too) I would love a place without a TV. Really, I would. Maybe the difference is that the TV is not as big an emphasis. Hell, all three Sushi Bars I have been to have multiple TVs going.


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