The Cosmopolitan Club – #21 on the Tour

The Bar: The Cosmopolitan Club

The Address: 96 Hamilton Street

The price Five dollars

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime: He did and I got it, but he missed putting it in and it fell out and hit the bar. He gave me another, which added double the lime flavored goodness, score!!!

What was the type of gin: It was well.

What was the gin and tonic like: It was alright. Nothing spectacular, but it didn’t coat my mouth with a film of despair, so there is that to recommend it.

The Joint: The is the unknown bar. Several people asked me what the latest bar I hit for this tour and I said, The Cosmopolitan Club and not a one ever heard of it. One thought I made it up, or perhaps the gin and tonic was dosed and I hallucinated a mirage of a joint. That’s the thing with this place, it seems like this is the prototypical neighborhood bar, it caters to those who can walk to it and pretty much no one else. There is a lot to say in praise of a bar that is for the local environ. It is long and thin and is dark. Its a bar. The place has a good liquor selection and the beers sound interesting, not just Buds and Coors here, which is nice. The bartender was welcoming. It fell like a lot of other neighborhood bars (once again, not a bad thing)

General Impressions: It was quiet on this Sunday night, with three people in the bar, they all knew one another by name. I focused on the Sox game, or so it seemed. The bartender was a bit of talker. A raconteur, if you will. He was talking to a couple at the bar. First he said that people should know that he hates Christmas. Why do you have to pretend to like a present some one gave you, or they give you a present and you don’t give them one. Yeah, Christmas sucks. His favorite holiday is Black Friday, that’s his holiday because its a present that he wants, that he buys. The way it should be. Actually, he goes on Thanksgiving, because the Walmarts in Connecticut are open Thanksgiving day. Last time, he was three sheets to the wind driving down to the store. It was Thanksgiving so he celebrated with Wild Turkey. He likes being an asshole at the stores during Black Friday, blocking people, walking slow, taking the last thing not because he wants it but that the lady behind him wants it. That’s one of the best parts.

Soon, one of the guys at the bar said goodbye and walked home. Another went out to smoke a cigarette. It got quiet in there. I finished my drink and left.

Will I come back: There is something to be said about a little known place that caters to the people around it. I like that. But I don’t live around it. The beer and liquor selection is tempting, but its a bar for the neighbors, and barring what the old Narragansett Commercials state, I am not their neighbor, I am a tourist here. So I will say no.



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