The Press Box – #22 on the Tour

The Bar: The Press Box. This is a cool name for a bar, in my humble touristy opinion. You have two of my favorite aspects of bardom, obvious sports references and a hint of the literate. It isn’t just a sports bar, we are referencing writers here folks. I guess the only way to make the name of the bar even better is to rechristen it, the Press Box for Women Writers with Loose Morals (yeah, a little too verbose, but its a work in progress)

The Address 536 Lincoln Street

The price: 5.75.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime: He did.

What was the type of gin: I got well, because I asked for it by name. Not that well is a name, its more of a location.

What was the gin and tonic like: It was a pint glass with a hell of a lot of ice. Not too much flavor, but it it was alright.

The Joint: This is an old school bar. It is on the second floor of a building. You have to come in from the back, which probably suits some customers just fine. The place is comfortable sized. It has a section with a good amount of tables. There are newspapers and books around to peruse. It is brightly lit and the bartender was quite friendly. The place was this side of grungy, but it was presentable enough and had a comfortable feeling.

General Impressions: I don’t know this answer, I am just asking, but are there bars that never are busy? This is the first bar in my tour (22 bars so far) where I have been in before. The first time was a Wednesday at seven and it was practically empty. And now it was a Friday a little before eleven at night and it was practically empty. Are there places that can survive without a rush? Can a slow trickle make a place viable?

There were three guys at the bar pleasantly annoyed at the Sox for losing another. There was a foursome at a table playing cards, I don’t know but I think they were playing Bridge. This is cool, I haven’t seen anyone at a bar playing cards yet on my tour, this is a perfect thing to do at a low key bar, I think. The bartender talked to his regulars, got me to add my two cents on the Sox’s miserable year (I don’t follow sports but since I’ve been on this gin and tonic kick, I have learned a few key phrases of disgust toward our local team that keeps me in good stead.)  I like how it was bright in there, you could read a book. I like that there seemed to be no attitude, no pretensions. A good solid bar where you can hang out with friends at a table or be by yourself and drink your drink and read the paper.

Will I come back Yeah. I think so. If I am in the area. If I want to chat with a friend or just read a book. Its not convenient for me with where I live, but the place was comfy.



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