Moynihan’s Pub – #23 on the Tour

The Bar: Moynihan’s

The Address 897 Main Street

The price 5.00

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He did, though in a way that he seemed annoyed about all of this lime discussion. As if he is up to here with people asking for citrus with their booze.

What was the type of gin: I have learned my lesson so I said “well” right away and he looked at me, looked at the bottles and then said, “You know there’s no difference between well gin and Tanqueray, they’re both five dollars.” So I told him that I will have a Tanqueray.

Let me just say here, that’s weird. Why would the well gin and tonic be the same as Tanqueray. Tanqueray costs a little bit of money, while the well gin is usually a dollar ninety five a case. Why wouldn’t there be a difference in price. I ain’t no bar whisperer, I just thought it odd. Nice to have a Tanqueray and tonic for five bucks though.

What was the gin and tonic like: It was nice. Small, but nice. He didn’t kill it with ice and there was a good amount of liquor. It was not a knock your socks drink, but on this tour, I’m not looking for that.

The Joint: This place is old school authentic. It was large, with booths, tables, a double bar. Large mirrors with beer and booze logos on them on all the walls. One of the Mirrors stated that they have been serving Budweiser here since 1935. There is a video game by the door. It feels like the joints they wrote about in Joseph Mitchell essays. This place rocks. Its also kind of shabby. I texted Bartender Brian when I was there and he told me that this was the first place he ever had a drink and I should try the pickled eggs and then texted maniacal laughter.

General Impressions It was 12:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday when I sidled in. Only a few people were there. They talked about sports, about who the Celtics should recruit. They talked about how things in Worcester used to be, they talked about people they all knew. Some guys left to get back to work, others came in. It had a sad feel, but a nice sad feel. One weird thing happened. A young man came in heading towards the back. He was shirtless. The bartender said, “Hey, you have to wear a shirt in here.” The young man said, “Oh yeah, I forgot.” He kept on walking to the back while putting on his shirt. He went to the men’s room. He was there for a couple minutes. Then he came out and walked out of the bar. I don’t know what that was about.

I feel like I was in time warp. I spent 30 minutes in there and had no idea where it went. The people at the bar talked slow, drank slow and suddenly time was fleeting. I played a game of Galaga before I left, feeling happy with the level I made it to. I left, expecting to emerge to find that I was in there for twenty years instead of a half hour.

Will I come back: I’m going to say no, but qualify it. It is a really cool looking place. This is like  a bar of long ago, because it really is. On the other hand, its kind have gotten a run down bottom barrell feel as well. I think every person who digs bars should get themselves here once, hell, have a pickled egg (you brave soul) and then move on to another bar. This is in Main South, and I don’t find myself there much, so I will say no, but check it out, do.


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