The Sidecar Discussions #1 (The Obligatory Lime)

I guess I should put in a few things to explain the tour and how I am doing it, which will be these Sidecar Discussions.

Why do I always state in my reviews whether they asked me if I wanted a lime? This comes from my expectations. I just expect to get a lime. That’s it. But the first few places I went to asked if I wanted one and I was surprised and a tiny bit put out. I talked to Bartender Brian and asked if I should ask for a lime or shouldn’t one just be given, and he said it should just be given. Hence, that is why I put it into the review.

But Bartender Brian changed his mind a few months later, “Dante, even I’m asking if they want a garnish before I put them in, because people are getting upset when I just put in the lime. They refuse the drink and I’m forced to make them a new one and get rid of the one I just made. It’s easier just to ask.”

So one of my assumptions has been shattered and I will probably get rid of  that from future reviews. If everyone asks, then why bother reporting it?


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