Varsity Bar and Grill – #25 on the Tour

The Bar: Varsity Bar and Grill (I didn’t see anything about food there, so maybe the grill is more of an aphorism)

The Address 9 Kelly Square – this is where the Grey Hound Pub used to be, and  then moved down the street.

The price 5.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime: No she just put it in. Hurah!!!

What was the type of gin I have no idea, she didn’t ask and I didn’t see what wild concoction she put into that pint glass cauldron.

What was the gin and tonic like: Not a bad drink. Nothing wrong about it, it was the absence of poor, it didn’t distinguish itself, but it didn’t trip in a ditch.

The Joint: This is my first music oriented club on the tour. I didn’t know that when I walked, but I was greeted with dark red walls, and a long padded bench on one side for sitting with some tables. there was a DJ booth and over the bar were five flat screen TVs all playing the same thing, which was MTV2 and what I think was the show Awkward.  The music playing was modern Hip Hop. This was a place to dance and get close, with it not being a large place, you had no choice, the only thing you need is people, which there wasn’t. It was empty when I walked in on Thursday at 9:30 and I was pretty surprised by this, down the street at the Grey Hound there was a growing crowd. Here was two bartenders and four other people.

General Impressions:The two bartenders wore skimpy clothes. They had a lot of tattoos and skin showing. They seemed distracted despite the light crowd. A guy came in who was an owner or manager and the bartenders told him they couldn’t work the stereo system to pick music and they had no coca cola syrup for the bar taps. The guy set things up and music was playing. As I was there a few more guys came in, parking their bikes, and sitting at the bar. They seemed to know each other. They just sat waiting for something to happen, people to show, magic to happen.

I came too early for the fun madness. Maybe people will show at ten at eleven. Perhaps midnight is when it all starts. I hope they got people, though to be fair, I drank my drink and was pretty disengaged.

Maybe this is why people show up to parties late. They never want that awkward moment of seeing the place unfilled. You see the problems in the paint color scheme. The artistic failings of the bartender’s tattoos. You see the seems and the ripped scrims. The coca cola not being available, The staff not knowing how to set up the stereo. The question is for those who like to arrive to their theater early, can you still enjoy yourself as you watch the paint on the sets dry?

Later, that night, I saw people gathering outside the bar, smoking cigarettes. Perhaps the party started. The fun officially began after my tour visit.

Will I come back No.


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