Rivalry Sports Pub – #26 on the Tour

The Bar: Rivalry Sports Bar – this was the location for the old bar Jeff’s. Maybe this is me but I think Rivalry is a pretty lame name for a bar. I mean,, Rivalry to whom?  Are we just against everyone in general? Is it a rivalry between sports bars and cocktail lounges? Which would be kind of cool to see. There used to be a bar in town called the Alibi Bar, and that was the top for bad bar names, so Rivalry will have to try harder next time.

The Address 274 Shrewsbury Street.

The price 6 bucks

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She didn’t ask me and I just got it, which was nice. I was going to take this category out of my review and then she went and gave me one without me making a peep

What was the type of gin It was a well gin.

What was the gin and tonic like It was fine, a little on the weak side, but it was alright, There is something to be said for low expectations, you are never totally disappointed.

The Joint It feels like someone saw a picture of a 1960s men’s club interior and said, “That. I want my bar to look like that.” There is wood paneling. There are black padded stools and chair. There is a section where there are black leather couches. This is the place you can imagine the wannabe Gilded Age Industrialists to sit and drink their port and smoke their cigars, consulting their pocket watches, waiting for an important telegram.

General Impressions This was a Sunday at six in the afternoon. No one was there, but the bartender, the owner of the place and another guy. The other guy was waxing nostalgic about the times where cops wouldn’t pull you over when you were half in the bag, as long as you were heading home. Now they pull you over, can you believe that?

The bartender was nice and responsive. She was friendly. The bar had on the Sox game, they lost (natch). The owner was telling the bartender to offer a kind a beer they can’t seem to move for a discount, though it still wasn’t moving, what’s wrong with this beer?

I was talking to Bartender Bart about the bar and he told me it was kind of amazing to see on a weekend night. Sometimes the bar would be wall to wall packed and then in an hour, it would be empty. The tide of people just moving on to the next thing, looking for some new thrill, or at least the next one. Me too, I was gone in twenty minutes.

Will I come back No, nothing wrong, Just not for me. The place is clean though, pretty as a picture, just not a picture I want to cut out of magazine and pin on my chalkboard.


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