Beatnik’s – #29 on the Tour

The Bar: Beatniks

The Address 433 Park Ave

The price 6.50 (man, I am beginning to feel nostalgic for the six dollar cocktail. The last two bars I went to were eight dollars and seven fifty. Welcome to high cost of well drinks)

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime Yes he did, in a nervous fashion, but more on that in a moment.

What was the type of gin He asked if I wanted Bombay, and I said no, just well,, and he said Well, I can give you well. I hate to say this, but more on this behavior further in this tourist log.

What was the gin and tonic like He asked me was it good (never had anyone ask me this before) And I told him it was good. It was. A good amount of ice, not too much, but enough to keep it cold. It was a wee bit on the weak side, but a fine run of the mill highball.

The Joint I have been meaning to get in here. They do have cool events and the vibe is something I heard about it. But as I was entering I saw the sign saying there was going to be karaoke this night. My thought was “Crap. Run Dante, run away.” But I am a professional anonymous blogger, and I have my pride (yeah, I keep it in my glove box) so I went in. Its a good sized place. There is two areas, one with bars and rat pack era booths. Then we have the dance/performance space. That space had lights flashing and music pumping, but no one singing to projected lyrics. This was a good moment. I like a well attended bar, but I love when no one shows up for karaoke even more. It’s like sing-a-long Christmas to me. The place had a nice cool kid vibe and comfortable.  There was art on the walls, as well as gig posters for events that happened at Beatniks. I heard that there is a new owner, but that things have not changed, and that’s a good thing, because its a cool place.

General Impressions My impression? Well, let’s slow this down, bring up the lights, so I can sit on my stool and talk to each and everyone of you.

For the first three months of this blog I had forty five views. That’s it. But one of those was Victor Infante from the Telegram. He wrote a little piece about this blog and now two and a half weeks later, this blog now 2200 views. Thank you Victor. When he wrote this, I was excited, but I also was worried that I would be found out. That people at bars would be looking for me. But I went to 7 more bars and none of that happened. Until now…….

Let me just say that in the land of keeping things on the DL, I do a lousy job. I mean, I go into a bar, and ask for a gin and tonic, and I am specific that I want well gin and then I drink it, look intently at the other bar goers, like I am an odd stalker and then I leave. I am the worst secret agent ever. But that’s the mission, that I chose to accept (Mr. Phelps)

Now let’s go back to my time at Beatniks. There was only a few people there, which was alright because no one was singing Karaoke. I asked for my gin and tonic and the bartender asked for my ID. Now, I am a guy in his forties who looks like a guy who is in his forties. There is no chance I am a nineteen year old with bad skin trying to get a buzz on. I go on that he made my day thinking I was young, but it was weird and he looked nervous. He was nervous when I asked for well gin. Then he asked after my first sip if it was good. It was good, but what a strange question. He was nervous around me. Usually people would be nervous around me when I was single and I would ask them out on a date, not for someone to make me a cocktail.

The place was a comfortable joint, but then as I was leaving and I went to my car to write up my notes, it hit me, he got my real name, he seemed nervous about me getting a well gin and tonic. Now I could be wrong, but I talked to a bartender friend and he was kind of sure that he figured who I was and why I was there. So the question is, will he give out my name? Will he say he sussed me out? And then the real question, who cares? I could be wrong. He might not have been nervous with me, but yet….

Will I come back Despite his non cool reaction, the place is cool. I liked it. I hope to not come back when there is karaoke. That’s always a rule for me. But I can see myself going back there.


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