Cisero’s – #26 on the tour

The Bar: Cisero’s

The Address 17 Suffolk Street

The price 3.25

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No, and I didn’t get one.

What was the type of gin: It was a little known limited distillation made from the tears of the undeserving (you know, well gin)

What was the gin and tonic like It was in a ten ounce plastic cup.with a few unhappy cubes of ice. It tasted like gin I suppose. But it could have also tasted of Generic Hooch. On talking about this visit on the tour afterwards  I was told people don’t get cocktails at Cisero’s. They get beer and shots. Look at me, I am an exotic anomaly.  

The Joint. This is a biker bar. People with bikes go here There is a lot of talk about what goes there, and what the peopl who go there are like. On this Sunday that I went in, there were five or six guys in motorcycle leathers drinking and talking. There was a pool table. There was a sign saying that anyone selling drugs in the bathroom would be scratched. There was an odor. The place had a funk going on. .There was a need for a good cleaning.

General Impressions: I have to say, I was scared going in. I mean I am a middle aged hoity toity fellow who will order a Benedictine and Brandy on a whim (hell, I am the kind of a guy who uses the term “on a whim”)This is not my natural habitat. But I went in and ordered and kept my talk and my eyes to myself. The guys, only guys there, were willing to bring me into conversation. Simple things, there was a Walking Dead marathon on the TV and I was able to answer their questions about the show. Like I said, I am the guy who knows about Walking Dead on a whim. One guy at the bar, with a prosthetic metal leg and enough attitude to survive any type of apocalypse, looked at the screen with just a little bit of disdain and said, “I don’t get it. Why do the zombies make noise when they’re coming. Why do they make any noise? They’re dead. They don’t breathe.” I looked at him, the biker sage and said, “Yeah, you’re right.” Truth found in a biker bar.,

Will I come back Are you kidding?


2 thoughts on “Cisero’s – #26 on the tour

  1. I believe the man with the prosthetic leg was my husband, that is def. him in a nutshell. Surprised you didn’t run outta there once he opened his mouth. Most of the people that go to this bar are really nice guys just a little ruff around the edges.

  2. Hi Candace

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I didn’t run, I had to finish my gin and tonic. And he was right in what he said about the show Walking Dead. It was not my place, but my experience was fine there. Like I said, everyone allowed me into conversation. It was nowhere near the roughest experience I have had on this tour. Though the sign “Anyone selling drugs in the bathroom will be scratched” was kind of intense.


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