MB Lounge – #27 on the tour

The Bar: The MB Lounge (The Male Box, baby)

The Address 40 Grafton Street

The price 7.50 (I have left the cheap gin mills where a fiver can take care of a fella, welcome to the pricey part of the bar landscape) He did ask if I wanted a small or a big and I picked a large, which was in a pint glass.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He did. He was a very friendly bartender.

What was the type of gin I got well, which made the seven fifty a tad more surprising.

What was the gin and tonic like It was fine. Nothing fantastic, but it was alright. Sometimes you pay a cover to get into a joint, sometimes you buy a drink and that’s your ticket to the show.

The Joint The first thing you have to realize is how inconspicuous the bar is from the outside. I have gone by it countless times and didn’t know there was a bar there. The windows are darkened and the MB Lounge sign is subtle. It looked like it was closed. I went in and I was assaulted by color. In a good way. This was 8:30 on a Wednesday and ten or fifteen were there. There were setting up for some kind of event because the disco ball was spinning and the colored lights were going about. The bar has tables and a good sized bar. The bar area was full and I had to take my drink to a side table, which is a decent place for me to watch what was going on. As I was leaving more and more people were coming in, it looked like people were coming for the event, whatever it was, there was a microphone set up by the DJ.

General Impressions I don’t know when the last time I was at a gay bar. I am not gay and its been years since a friend took me to one back in New York. I didn’t know what to expect. I found a very nice attitude, with people talking and chatting. It was a nice place where people can be comfortable. The goofy lights just added to it. The bartender shouted out something about Ethel Merman and I felt relieved. If I stayed longer, would Ms Garland’s name been mentioned? I hope so. This was the perfect place to go to after my stop at Cisero’s, which was the bar I went to before this.

Time Spent in the bar: 20 minutes

Will I come back Yeah. I have friends who would like the place and the way you can be seen and still feel yourself. Its a hoot.


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