Moynagh’s Tavern – #32 on the Tour

The Bar: Moynagh

The Address 25 Exchange Street

The price 4 dollars

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime: He asked me a lot of things about my drink, as it it was some unique novelty item, like the whoopy cushion or the joy buzzer. He asked me if I really wanted the house gin. Asked me twice. And then asked me if I wanted a lime. And then couldn’t find a lime in the joint. I guess he either found one or he cut one fresh, but what a joy, there was a lime. I did say to him after him making fun of his house gin that of course I need a lime, it can’t do anything but improve the taste (yeah, I’m sure I ingratiated myself to him at that moment)

What was the type of gin House baby. He even identified that benighted brand as if it was something that needed to be scorned.

What was the gin and tonic like Mediocre, but its what the bartender said it would be. Four dollars for an okay drink, Okay

The Joint The bar is one of the oldest in Worcester. Its a old school Irish bar, where there is a very long bar and a dart board. The bartender was loud and talkative. That’s nice. He made it a friendly experience. There was a light crowd for this Friday night. All men. One guy was reading a book and I was dying to find out what you read at this joint, but I couldn’t see the cover. This all bodes well but I was at the bar side by the bathroom,. I didn’t need no sign to infer that, the odor told me. This was a long stink that wafted at least the fifteen I was from the bathroom. Kind of took the bloom off the rose, and everything else.

General Impressions Its a very guy bar. Three young men were getting juiced in preparation for going to a concert at the Paladium. The other guys looked tough and talked amongst themselve. The three guys left for the concert and said they would be back, the bartender told him he would be there. This has a gritty, you come here to drink, vibe and that’s cool if that’s what you want. Bartender Brian told me that when he used to tend bar at the Firehouse, he would come here on his break to have a;couple drinks. Its that kind of place, On the tv, I got to watch the Sox lose badly, there are a lot of opportunities to do that on this tour it seems.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back No. The oldest bar (perhaps) in Worcester should be held in high regard, but really. No. Is this the sign of old age, wanting a bar that doesn’t stink hard and wide? For those who want this down and dirty gin mill, this might be the thing. I am not that fella.


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