Still and Stir – #33 on the Tour


The Bar: Still and Stir

The Address 120 Commercial Street

The price 8 dollars (whoa)

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He just put it in

What was the type of gin I don’t know, he just made it, I am sure it was a fine brand

What was the gin and tonic like: It came in a true high ball glass, which is a pleasant surprise but the thing is with the right type of glass, you get less drink by volume than in other places. If the drink was fantastic, that would not have been an issue, but the drink was good. That’s nice to say on this tour, where in a few places I feel like I drank carbonated tree sap, but for the price and reputation I was hoping that this place was going to do more than just good. Call me crazy, I was hoping that this mixology joint was going to knock my socks off. It didn’t.

The Joint: This is part of Niche Hospitality’s Exchange Group of places. There is the Citzen. The People’s Kitchen. There is Michael’s Cigar Bar (which has its own bar so I will have to arrive there as a stop on this tour) There are some restaurants in this group that I think are great. Bocado’s and Mezcal are wonderful in my estimation, but there have been a few clinkers, one being the time I was at the Citizen, and had lousy service.

I went in to this as the third bar on the tour for the night, but it was weird anyway you look at it. You have to follow signs to the location. You go through a nice airy outdoor atrium with diners strewn about to finally wind up at a .cramped, humid place. I have to say the decor confused the hell out of me. It felt  like I was underneath a Chicago El station. Above the bartender is metal and exposed wires going nowhere. There are waffle shaped dividers between sections of the bar as if this was something a follower of Frank Lloyd Wright belched up.  It was a beautiful evening out, cool and pleasant for a late July. But here in the bar, I was sweating and clammy. This should not be. The bartender was a handsome man wearing a butcher’s apron. Is he making drinks or cutting up veal shanks? He was solid and professional, though a little on the other side of friendly.

General Impressions There were only a few people at the bar, but people from other restaurants connected to the bar were coming in for cocktails. It made it feel more like a bar service station than a place to hangout and have drinks. The drink was alright, but I want more than alright for eight bucks. It was dark and not very welcoming. I finished my drink and left. Perhaps if I had a wild mixology creation I would have been more excited, but all I felt was that I paid a lot for a drink in a dank humid hobbit hole and I am sure I can find a crazy libation with bacon infused aquavit somewhere else. The search continues.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back No


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