City Lights Bar and Restaurant – #34 on the Tour

The Bar: City Light’s Bar and Restaurant (though I didn’t see much restaurant, it felt all bar to me)

The Address 395 Grafton Street

The price Four Dollars

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime Yes

What was the type of gin It was bar gin as she said. That’s not the more precise of terms, because isn’t any gin in the premises be considered to be bar gin? I know, just call me, Dante, Barroom Lawyer.

What was the gin and tonic like It was in a ten ounce plastic cup. This is true, the moment I took the first sip, the music on the stereo had George Thoroughgood announcing his desire for “One Bourbon, One Scotch and one Beer.” And I would have preferred any of those things after the first sip. It was strong and poor. As I continued on, the flavor decreased and by the end was completely bland, as if the bar gin only lives on the high end of the cup. But it is evident this is not a mixed drink haven, this is a place where you can still get a pitcher of beer, which should be my next Blog Tour – Pitchers of Beer Across Worcester (keep your eye out for that)

The Joint Its a box with an el shaped bar. There are tables. There is a pool table in the middle of the space like a great green whale. HD televisions playing the Sox game. There is a bare thin carpet. This is the place that is a blank slate just waiting for their regulars to fill it up with noise and life and that’s what the regulars, all seeming to be local to the bar, do. It was loud for eight on Friday. When I left fifteen minutes later, six or seven more came in. They all knew everyone, they ordered pitchers.

General Impressions Friday at eight. 15 or so folk. They all were talking loudly, except for the three guys by one of the large screen television, watching in disbelief as the Red Sox didn’t lose the game. Everyone was friendly and intermingling between groups. A friendly Friday night out for the folk who go.

I overheard a conversation between three female friends sitting at a table as the gleefully recounted one of them finding the movie Footloose on tv the night before. This was exciting stuff it seemed. Yes friends, this is the bar where the lovers of Kevin Bacon dancing because he needs to dance, reside. Or maybe they are just big John Lithgow fans.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes. It would have been 10, but as I was getting ready to take my last sip, on the stereo, came the Mariachi Opening of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash and I knew I had to stay until it was over. Got to love that song. It keeps me in places I am ready to leave. As I listened to it, I realized that this was the theme song to this Tour of Every Bar in Worcester. I feel into flaming ring of fire. And I left a tip.

Will I come back: No. That isn’t saying its a bad bar. Its a place where locals to the area hand. Its a NB-NMO. Which is my term for Neighborhood Bar – Not My Own.


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