The Dive Bar – #28 on the Tour

The Bar: Dive Bar – you gotta love the name

The Address 34 Green St

The price Eight dollars (crikey)

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He just put it in

What was the type of gin I don’t know, they just made it

What was the gin and tonic like Okay, this is was not a bad drink….at first. As I was drinking and talking to Bartender Bart, I suddenly had a weird realization. There was a different flavor to the gin and tonic. I sipped. I sipped again. And yes, there was a black licorice flavor. Like zambucca or uzo, or any of the other anise flavored drinks that I avoid with nimble ease. I looked at Bart and asked if there was any gin that had a anise flavor. He couldn’t figure it out. So, the drink wasn’t bad, but it didn’t taste like gin. Weird.

I talked to Bartender Brian after the fact and the only thing he can guess is that some zambucca or something so flavored splashed on the ice container and that ice made it to my drink. I think that’s as good an explanation as any, but let me also state, I paid eight bucks for a two ingredient cocktail (not counting the lime) please let it taste of those two things only.

The Joint This is a high end drinking hole, built in the bones of an old gin mill. I was here once fifteen years ago when it was a dive. Now it is snazzy and there was a bunch of people at the tables out back. Not too many in the bar area, which was fine because it was tight. Dark and cool looking, though this was an unpleasant humid night (Wednesday for point of fact) There were people sitting by themselves, which is a nice thing to be able to do at a bar. There was a young woman sitting near me gazing at her phone. She looked really sad and unhappy about something, I hope it was not me sitting near that put her in such a funk. This maudlin feel was odd in the setting, like they should have been playing old country songs about the dog running off with the truck or something.

General Impressions I went in and there was a dead night feel and I was about to leave and come back another day so that I could get a better sense of the place. People really like this joint and I wanted to get a good reporting of it for the tour. But as i was about to split and try again at another bar, I saw Bartender Bart who was out with a friend. I sat down and we chatted. I got my drink, and I stayed. He knows about the tour and he and his friend went on about all the weird places I have to check out. There is a chinese restaurant lounge that sounds absolutely bonkers. He went on about an almost bar fight at Jak’s Pub with a local drunk. There were many funny stories about bars that were not the one we were in. I had a great time chatting,, but it felt like it was in spite of the present location and not because. The bartender was not very present and I got no vibe on the joint pro or con. It was a place where we talked about other places that I might like to be. It was a strange stop on the tour, but it felt more like a staging ground and not a place to be. Maybe it was the sad girl near by, maybe it was the star anise flavored gin and tonic, maybe it was my antsy mood brought on from the muggy bar, but I got nothing out of it.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back Nah. I can see myself following a friend who wants to go in for a fine beer, but I don’t think I will initiated a trip there.


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