The Nines – #35 on the Tour

The Bar: The Nines

The Address 136 Millbury Street

The price 5.75

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She did

What was the type of gin As the always harried, always breathless bartender said to me in a whirlwind, “Will Tanqueray be okay. It’s got to be okay, its the only gin we got.” I told her that that would be fine. And then she was off trying to make it and keep her balance in her way to tight and way too short black dress.

What was the gin and tonic like Like a Jersey barrier/ I don’t know what that means, but I feel I have to be colorful and obscure to hide the fact that i had an almost decent though dull drink. It was just there, directing traffic..

The Joint Can I call this place odd? I can? Well this is an odd place. Its got some floor space. It presents as run down, but its a spacious run down. There is a pool table in the back corner and it doesn’t encroach on the precedings. The thing that does encroach is the square shaped bar, with the booze in the middle. The poor bartender has to run laps in a ever more desperate circles to get everyone their drinks. Let’s talk about the bartender for a moment. She was nice and friendly, but she dressed like a suburban mother out in the big city ready to have a tawdry affair. She wore a very short black dress with a mesh back. This was so odd. I mean this is a borderline dive bar and she is dressed for clubbing. There are tired men drinking near me. On the other side of the bar are a gaggle of women talking loudly about husbands and boyfriends, pausing occasionally to have group toasts and cheers. Men were playing pool. A man and a women were talking about kids these days with the woman saying that if she ever had kids she wouldn’t let her hypothetical daughter where that kind of make up. no sir.

General Impressions After several loud country songs, another song began to play from the speakers. A guy recognized the song from the first chord and stared anger at the bartender and said, “Who the fuck played this.” A woman nearby said, “It wasn’t me.” Then the song started in earnest and there was the song, “What Does the Fox Say” in all its sublime glory. While listening to the song, I just looked at the people around the bar, and couldn’t put the two things together. Though some of the women at the other side of the bar were singing along, maybe I know how picked it on the juke box. When the song was over, no music followed it. As if nothing was worthy to follow. As if everything was said, and lets just be quiet and drink our drinks.

Amount of Time in the Joint Fifteen minutes

Will I come back What does the tourist drinker say? No, no no no no no.



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