Park Grill and Spirits – #36 on the Tour

The Bar: Park Grill and Spirits

The Address 257 Park Ave

The price $5.35 (yeah, when you are in a “restaurant bar” I guess you get kooky prices.)

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She did.

What was the type of gin It was just well gin, like I asked for.

What was the gin and tonic like It was filled with ice and good intentions. It was decent enough, nothing great, but I must say that 36 stops on the tour means a lot of bar gin has been consumed by your kindly Dante. I am begninng to dread that first sip. This was not great, but it was okay. For a nice summer’s afternoon, it was alright.

The Joint I went into the bar area. The windows were open and the tables set up by them were occupied with folks taking in the sun and the nice day. They were eating. The bar had a few people as well, mostly people sitting by themselves eating and have a drink or two. One of the HiDef televisions was showing horse racing. Horse racing. What a surprising throw back, I was expecting people in fedoras chomping on unlit cigars furiously scribbling on this day’s racing form. For me, I dug it. People drank beer and debated over what the next appetizer to order should be. There was a lot of good city air and mid day light that I had to contend with as I had my drink.

General Impressions: This tour is teaching me a lot about myself and things I like. First, I still like to go to bars, which is a pleasant discovery. But I don’t like bars that has too much light. Actually, I like a well lit room so that I can read the paper or the menu, but I think its natural light coming from the open patio seating that I am against. I go to bars to leave the world behind, I don’t want to see the world outside on the sidewalk of Park ave. This might just be me. Most of the people here on this 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon, were eating, either alone or in groups. Those eating alone were at the bar, natch. All in all, about 15 or so at the bar area. I just wanted to be further protected from the light and the world outside. What can I say, when it comes to bars, I am a classicist.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back Maybe, it was a comfy place, I can see myself getting some food and a beer at the bar if I was around. I would not be averse to that.


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