Pleasant Cafe – #39 on the Tour

The Bar: The Pleasant Cafe

The Address 318 Pleasant Street

The Day and the Time Sunday at 7:30

The price 3.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He did and he took it out of a tupperware in which it was hiding out and squeezed it in for me. I could almost hear the lime slice shout “They found me! They found me!”

What was the type of gin He just made one for me with the only type of gin they had, which was Beefeaters.

What was the gin and tonic like He made a very strong drink, though a small glass thankfully. It was not a bad gin. The decent brand helped of course. I drank it quickly (get out Dante get out) so the ice didn’t have time to dilute it. Yes, the scariest dive I’ve been too had a fine drink of gin and tonic, tell the family.

The Joint Wow. You want to know what a Dive bar is like, go here. Wait, don’t go here. Just believe it without seeing, like faith. I was anxious walking in, but this silly little project I am doing is giving me more courage than I should have. I have to be at every bar in Worcester, and nothing is going to stop me. Yes. I know. I’m an idiot.

It is small, and cramped and dirty. I sat on a stool that was made during the year they discovered Naugahyde. There is a sign saying that all cash machines are emptied every night. There was no one present who walks erect, the weight of the place brings your shoulders down. By the time I finished my drink, I think I had a stoop. The bartender was fine and people left each other alone. A weathered woman sitting at a table picked country songs from the jukebox. She listened to them with stony stoicism. By the front door, shoved in a corner, was another jukebox machine. A dead one, last year’s model. Even music is unplugged here.

General Impressions I was waiting for the dessicated corpse of Charles Bukowski to amble painfully into the joint and say, “My friends, get me a beer and a shot, fuckers.” This is a place that would be better if you could smoke on premises. You would finish your days faster and see nothing past five feet from your nose. There is a need in every city and town for a joint like this. People with broken backs and broken futures need a Purgatorio to sit and drink in. There might be times when this place is dangerous, it wasn’t when I was there, just a place to wait for that damned bus that don’t ever come no more.  

Amount of Time in the Joint 10 minutes

Will I come back No. I hope I won’t. No



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