American Legion Providence Street Post – #40 on the Tour

The Bar: American Legion Post

The Address 267 Providence Street

The Day and the TIme Wednesday at 11:50 in the morning

The price 2.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No and I didn’t get one, but that’s okay, because the guy had one arm and I was happy we finished the drink mixing transaction.

What was the type of gin It was Gordon’s but that was through some talking and bandiage. I was asked what  I wanted and the bartender said, “Gordon’s” and there was a loud jovial guy interrupted “Tanqueray, he wants tanqueray” and I quietly said, “Gordon’s sounds good.

What was the gin and tonic like: I don’t think I ever had a one armed bartender before. Nothing wrong with that, just a new experience is all. He was slow and deliberate and at times I think he had a hard go of getting the caps off the gin (not used too much) and then he had to find some bottle of tonic to open and pour. It was a long process, not like I had anywhere to go, so patience was the sidecar of the day. He got the drink poured into a 10 ounce plastic cup and he laid in front of me and happy I was. Because it was a fine gin and tonic. This is the kind of G and T I remember having when I was a teenager and my grandmother was offended that I never had a high ball so she made a drink for me and that was the drink I was having here. It was the right mix of ice, gin and tonic. Also, the guy put more effort in my cocktail than most other practitioners of the mixing arts, so it felt practically artisanal.

The Joint: It’s an American Legion Post with a large function room and a run down bar area. It was what you want it to be. There was only a few guys there when I went in. One of the tables had a few bottles of Pepsi on it. This is where three of them sat down to play hearts. I love a place where people sit down with a deck of cards to while the day away. There needs to be more places like this. Every bar needs several Bicycle decks ready for everyone to socialize.

General Impressions The day I came in I was wearing a fedora and the loud gregarious fellow saw me and said, “Elvis Costello has entered the building.” I have rarely been mistaken for post-punk era musicians so I stopped and said, “Me?” I got a nod and I said, “Wrong accent.” I was worried going into a social club like this, my first club on the tour, and I was concerned how I would be received. After that crack, I realized my presence was alright. I drank and watched the end of Price is Right. It was a laid back place. People spend time there, lives there. They were older, they were welcome here. IT was their place after all. I was just visiting. They were happy to see me enter and wave and drink and leave.

Amount of Time in the Joint 10 minutes

Will I come back Probably not. I liked it. I liked the guy giving me guff. I liked that there is a place to play cards and feel accepted. But I have other places to do those things for me.



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