El Basha on Park Avenue – #43 on the Tour

The Bar: El Basha

The Address 256 Park Avenue

The Day and the TIme Friday at 8:30

The price Well that should be an easy answer but in this case, it was not exactly clear. I was sitting at the bar area, minding my business, thinking about world peace (like I do). And I noticed that I was across from the ordering computer. I noticed that all of the bar orders were up on the screen with the price included. (or I think it was) There was one that said Tanqueray and Tonic and showed a charge of seven dollars. That’s fine, I wasn’t expecting it to be less at such a swank joint. I thought seven got me off easy actually. When i was done I handed the bartender a ten dollar bill and told her I would be settling. She didn’t tell me how much it was, but I saw it on the computer, seven bucks. She took a minute and returned with my change, two dollars. Wait. Stop. Two dollars? My math sucks, I thought I was going to get three dollars back. I guess I was wrong. I guess the computer was incorrect. Maybe it had a wrong price. Because I had an eight dollar drink, despite what the new fangled computer machine would tell me. I am sure that was it, that there was nothing else occurring that I need mention.

So the easy answer is eight dollars. And don’t worry about computer screens and their false testimony.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She did not, she just put it in. Bliss

What was the type of gin Tanqueray, that was the standard at El Basha, baby.

What was the gin and tonic like It was good. Not too strong, but also, I tasted the gin, and Tanqueray is a nice one. I know it doesn’t have street cred anymore, but still, fine gin.

The Joint It is a lovely, clean, restaurant. It’s fancy. The food smelled wonderful. People eating were laughing and talking loud, it was a friendly restaurant. The bar area was divided in two, with a walk space in the middle for wait staff. It was a little cramped, but still good. When I sat down two women were next to me finishing their plates and lingering over their wine. There were others eating and drinking. The bartender looked tired and was a little hassled. She seemed put down by the man. One party in the back was very boisterous and were ordering more drinks.

General Impressions: On this tour of all the bars of Worcester, I am now only entering into the bars of restaurants. It is a different animal. There are different expectations of what the bar will do for you. This is a place for a few drinks with friends, some nice baba ganoush, a good wine, not to play darts and hit on the girl at the pool table. Under these guidelines, the place is good, it does its job. It is inviting, thought I felt a little too close to the moving of wait staff and hot plates at the bar area. But that’s just the nature of the beast.

If I had a complaint, it was the bartender and her friend. Near the end of my stay there, a young man sat next to me. The bartender opened up to him like fresh bread. They were good friends it seemed. And to him she complained on how tired she is, how bored she is, how she wished she was with him, hanging out and not working. And I got to say, “I can hear you.” I can hear that you don’t want to be here, but yet, I am your customer, paying for an 8 dollar gin and tonic, pretend that you like being here. Going out, having a drink, its a show, its a song and dance. The least you can do as the bartender is try to sing along, at least as long as I’m in listening range.

Amount of Time in the Joint 25 minutes.

Will I come back Yes, but not to the bar. I have eaten at one of the other El Bashas and its great. This place has a cool feel, sophisticated. I was a little put off by the bartender, so that’s fine, I will just get a table instead.


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