Sidecar Discussions

I just posted one from six weeks ago, and I have six more bars I have been to that need to be written up. I hope to have them all set in a few days. I have number 46 finished, I just need to write up 44 and 45 before I get to it. But the thing is I just drank at the number 48 bar last night and so I am reaching 50 bars on the tour. When I started, I thought there was about 100 bars in Worcester and 50 was the half way point. Boy howdy was I wrong. No where near half done. But still marching along and 50 is a fun number. So here is my question, what bar should be #50. Let me know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Sidecar Discussions

  1. #50 should be in the metaphorical heart of what makes Worcester, well, Worcester. Go drinking in Kelley Square at the Hotel Vernon.

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