The Canal Bar and Grill – #46 on the Tour

The Bar: The Canal Bar and Grill

The Address 65 Water Street

The Day and the TIme Tuesday at Nine

The price This was a process, there were three young women behind the bar, all with Russian accents, and one got me the drink and then stared at the order screen and then she disappeared. I took out my money and waited, and waited. By my watch it was 5 minutes before another woman with a very thick accent asked me what I had. I told her and through another long process she told me the drink was seven dollars. I gave her a ten dollar bill, and she gave me three dollars and a quarter for change. 3.25 change. Man, I just don’t understand the new math one bit.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No, bartenderess number one did not ask me and I did not get one.

What was the type of gin I don’t know, I think the type of gin was called tonic only.

What was the gin and tonic like Either she forgot to put the gin in or this was the most anemic weak ass gin and tonic I have ever had. Now readers of this tour through the levels of bar hell know that I am not a fan of overly alcoholic gin and tonics. I look on in horror when I just see gin and gin and gin poured into that pint glass of doom. I wonder how the hell will I stand after this, and why the hell am I going into every bar in Worcester and doing this to myself. But I am going out and getting an alcoholic beverage, and would like enough of it in the drink to taste it.

It was a tonic water.

The Joint It is a basement joint, which always is good in my book, but this is one schizophrenic place. There were college kids talking to the Russian bartenders at a small bar area. And down the hall was another world entirely in a an exposed stone room that felt like it would be great for storing and aging cheese.. There was a folk open mic. I know. Run. RUn fast and hard. But don’t stop running. I kid. Its nice that this Folk-n-A is still going after years. I am glad they found a place to settle. But its a bunch of olde people with guitars doing covers. It doesn’t bring in the crowds. And the way that the college kids stuck to the small bar in the other room was telling.

General Impressions: There was enough weirdness that made me uncomfortable. The space felt like an old speakeasy but the happy go lucky bartenders didn’t gibe. One tried to get me into small talk about football, but didn’t know the terms. It took her three times of stating something before I realized what sport she was going on about. Its nice they have music, I hope that helps them. But I had a weak or non existent drink and I waited over five minutes to pay for that drink and had to go through two bartenders to do so.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 Minutes

Will I come back No. What I said above.


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