George’s – #51 on the Tour

The Bar: George’s (this is the bar side of Coney Island Hot Dog)

The Address 158 Southbridge St

The Day and the Time Saturday at 7:30

The price 5

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No. No Lime.

What was the type of gin It was well.

What was the gin and tonic like Okay. This feels like a beer place, not that mixed drinks are against the rules here, it just feels like you should order a Bud with your food.

The Joint Coney Island Hot Dog has two doors, one for the general public, and one for the general public that wants to enter into a small bar area. There is a small bar and there are booths behind it. Like the rest of the place, there is a wonderful lived in look. The bar area has newer, less carved up booths, but they have these great old art deco like paintings. Its gives it an old school grace to it. We were waited on by a guy who works both side, the dogs side and the bar side. It really feels that the bar is an afterthought, but a nice afterthought. Other people were in the bar, but they were all eating hotdogs and drinking soft drinks or chocolate milks. So this aint a place thats Hard Drinks for Hard Living Folk. It just feels like an extension of the hot dog restaurant, but with the possibility for alcohol.

General Impressions I was with my Virgils, Saloon Owner Salvatore and Chanteuse Cheryl, and they are great company. Of course coming into this place by yourself is pretty good company as well. It really is an arms wide open joint. I had my gin and tonic and even broke my rule and had food, a grilled cheese. The place is great. Its not a hang out all night and discuss the inner worked of life joint, but for a beer and some food, it’s great. Sal and Cheryl seem to know everyone and several people came up and chatted with them. My one regret is that it is not open later than nine.

Amount of Time in the Joint 30 minutes or so

Will I come back This is almost not fair. I have come here for years with my son. He loves it. I try not to tell him this is where he and I will have lunch, I let it be a surprise, and he is happy every time we wind up here. This just adds another way to enjoy, sans son. I can see myself coming in with a friend for a beer and a dog as we head some place else. It has to be that way, because it does close so damned early. Sal told me that he would always come here for a drink after going to the Registry for Motor Vehicles. This was his blow off steam place after wrestling such bureaucracy. This is a real, dinner and a beer place, not a beer with some food. But you got to love the paintings, and the booths and the years it holds. And the sign, every person should have a drink and a dog just so you can walk under that amazing neon sign. Am I gushing? I guess I’m gushing. Ah the hell with it, I am so gushing, and happy to have this place in town.


4 thoughts on “George’s – #51 on the Tour

  1. It should be tried once. If you watch old movies, there are diners and lunch counters that also have beer and spirits. This is not a throwback, but the last vestige of a great tradition. Man, how I gush about this place.

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