Electric Haze – #52 on the Tour

The Bar: Electric Haze

The Address 26 Millbury Street

The Day and the TIme Saturday at 8:40

The price 7.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He just put it in. A very thinly sliced piece, it was more a concept of a lime than an actual one

What was the type of gin: Bombay Sapphire. No really. Very posh don’t you think. He asked which one I wanted and I said (I didn’t say well, because it didn’t feel like the place where you say that I want well, this is a high endiish place) I just said the basic. He asked if Bombay was okay and I said sure. Then he looked at the gin bottle that was in the bar well and asked again, Bombay Sapphire? I said sure. Say what you want about this Dante of Worcester, but I am one accommodating tourist.

What was the gin and tonic like It was a 12 ounce glass and it was good. Very aromatic, as you would expect from Bombay Sapphire.

The Joint It has exposed brick, which is always a plus in my estimation. Their bar is in the back, and there are comfortable seating for people to do the hooka. There is a large stage and when I got there, a celtic band was tuning up. What the hell? Will I ever get to a bar late enough for the fun to be happening. But on closer inspection, I was okay with this because in ten minutes of me coming they started getting a seven dollar cover charge, so it all worked out.

There was art on the walls but none of strong interest and all hung in a haphazard fashion, so much so that I noticed it. People were sitting in groups of twos or threes in comfortable chairs talking about serious topics and smoking the hooka. Wow, let me just say that typing the phrase “smoking the hooka” is up there on fun things to type. You should try it.

A guy was at the bar reading a library book of Borges. How cool. Borges at a bar. Well, at a hooka bar, but still Borges.He wrote a lot of the labyrinths, both real and imagined and I had an epiphany that this tour of gin and tonics is a strange Borges Like Labyrinth, all the turns and twists and lime wedges all the posibilities that one highball drink can provide. These were my thoughts as I wandered around the room waiting for the fun to begin, just checking out the scenery.

And then there was the giant sperm hanging from the ceiling.

This is not a very fair comment about an art piece, but I don’t know what else to call it. Its a giant sperm. It is a large, three or so feet in diameter, sculpture made of thin plastic tube that changes color when light passes through it. The plastic wire like tube is twisted and entwined making a big circle with a tail. There is a light source with alternating colored filters by the tail which gives the sculpture changing colors. Big glob with tail hanging from the top of the joint. Its a big ass sperm. I would not want to have the chair underneath that. No one but me seemed bothered by this, everyone else was talking, smoking hooka,drinking beers; they were living in ignorance of the encroaching giant plastic sperm attack (call Hollywood, we have their new blockbuster)

General Impressions I feel very snarky about this place. Like I just want to shoot barbs at it, but I have to say, the staff were so nice and friendly. They were happy to chat and ask how my drink was, they made sure everyone got what they wanted. I’m sure they even had a helpful plan in case the giant sperm went rogue and started attacking the paying customers. They were that nice.

And yet the smoke headache was coming and the sense of being thrust in the middle of a particapatory theater peace gave me panic. Its a happening and a bar! It was a strange coolness endurance test: how hip can you be before you rip off your corduroy clothing and run screaming into the cold darkness singing Free Bird at the top of your lungs?

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back No. Hooka bars are not my thing. I had a headache from my time there. This is not say that it was a bad place, perhaps a little hoity for my useless tastes, but those are my tastes and who ever has listened to me? I must say that the staff were the friendliest I have ever encountered, and that goes for a lot in my book. Not enough to return, but a lot none the less.


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