Scorz Sports Bar – #54 on the Tour

The Bar: Scorz

The Address 58 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the TIme Four o’clock or so on a Sunday afternoon, a bit before the Pats game.

The price Six

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She didn’t ask and I didn’t get one.

What was the type of gin It was Gilberts, which is the standard rot gut you see around, but with that said……

What was the gin and tonic like What makes this the worst tasting gin and tonic I have had on this tour? I do not know. But it was foul. Bad gin? Flat tonic? Bad room that altered my taste buds? The funny part is a guy sitting next to me asked me what kind of gin it was and Gilberts was mentioned. He asked me how it was, and in the nature of this exercise, where I always agree and say yes, I said it was fine. No problems. The bartender said, there really is no difference, they all taste the same. To myself, I must beg to disagree with that bar professional.

The Joint This used to be a desert place where you would find small rooms and anterooms to truly enjoy your coffee and tiramisu. But as a sport bar, its odd baby, its odd. There is no cohesion to the place, lots of little space, cramped and filled with big leather furniture. For a sports bar an hour before the team was to play on the TV Screen Machines, it was kind of dead. Dead like the Halloween decorations from the party of the weekend before. The decorations making it look more like a construction sight than as a fun house of horror. The bar was kind of small and propped up in a corner. The bartender seemed bored. Me too.

General Impressions I have asked this before, but what is a sports bar. I came across one later on this leg of the tour, but it wasn’t at this address.  But here at Scorz, with the quiet volume tvs and the dour hunched people at the bar, I wondered. Where were the people dressed in Patriots blue? The bartender was wearing a fuzzy sweater, that is not sports bar. The people were talking amongst themselves and not shouting angry and jubilant at the TV. That is not sports bar. Some weirdo was sitting at the bar having a well booze gin and tonic while making mental notes for a future blog post. That is so not sports bar.

To me I think a sports bar is a big open space to have a gathering of like minded idiots (in a good way) to drink beer and shout and cheer and swear. To show pride in your team. It is not a dark bar with a confused floor plan. You want a place where you are part of the game, because how can the Pats win if we are not at a bar 50 miles away shouting our lungs out? Now granted, the Pats game had not started.but shouldn’t we be buzzing with vicarious excitement and dread? Shouldn’t we be bubbling. No. Just talking about bad gin and long nights. That is not sports bar.

Amount of Time in the Joint 10 minutes

Will I come back No. It was nice to go here to see what a sports bar should not be so that I could compare it to a good one, which is coming in two more stops of the tour. This is the place to remind yourself what it shouldn’t be.


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