The Shisha Room – #55 on the Tour

The+Shisha+Room (90×90)

The Bar: The Shisha Room

The Address 86 Shrewsbury Street.

The Day and the TIme Sunday at 4

The price This is kind of odd. I paid ten buck for it. The itemized bill showed seven dollars for gin, one dollar for tonic, sixty cents for tax and a dollar forty for an automatic gratuity. This makes it the most expensive gin and tonic I have had on this tour. (Settle your bets, we have a winner! For now!)

Let me stop and say, one dollar for tonic? How much tonic did I have? Was this specially grown quinine? I think he would have been better off not having the tonic line itemed on the bill, let me live in wonder I always say.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He didn’t and I didn’t

What was the type  of gin I don’t know, just what every gin they had.

What was the gin and tonic like It was fine. Nothing really memorable. For the price, you would expect it to be outstanding, but everything seems very pricey here. When I went to Electric Haze, another Hooka Bar, I was shocked to see the bowls of tobacco were sixteen bucks, I was aghast, but then I saw that here they were 23 bucks and a gratuity was automatically included, so it all went into perspective.

The Joint What is it with Shrewsbury Street bars, hooka and otherwise, with all their large, black leather furniture? Out of five places I have been on Shrewsbury Street, three of them had these same clunky couches and chairs. At the first meeting of the Shrewsbury Street Business Association, does a senior member tell them to get these man cave rumpus room pieces of furniture? “The customers love it, you won’t go wrong.” The place is well named, it felt like a room. It didn’t have a strong presence. An extended living room or den where you can smoke your very expensive smoke, and don’t worry about the tip, they got that covered.

Its a small place, made smaller from the big leather apparel. The bar/hooka area is a camped little space in the back where he mixes drinks and sets up smokes. I sat in a couch watching sports while I was here. I felt quite enveloped in the couch.

General Impressions: I was not planning on going in when I did, my plan was to hit a few sports bars on Shrewsbury Street. As I walked by the Shisha room I saw men, about 10 or so playing backgammon. This is not typical of a bar, so I had to enter. The guy working the bar/hooka staging area told me that this was a group of guys who booked the room this Sunday for a backgammon tournament. They were all just finishing up and they had used one set of couches to pile their coats and plastic bags on all higgely piggely, kind of added to the unkempt living room effect. The backgammon guys were not drinking or smoking, just playing. One game was still going on with one player quiet and steely and the other loud, real loud, shouting out every time he made a move. It was like they were playing two different games.

I had my drink, felt nothing about the place, I am sure on a weekend night, it could be something alright, but it didn’t feel much to me. Also, the most expensive drink on the tour.

Amount of Time in the Joint 10 or 15 minutes, not long.

Will I come back No. If I had to chose between the Hooka Bars I have been to on the tour, it would be Electric Haze, but please, don’t make me chose.  How many more Hooka Bars do I have to do?


2 thoughts on “The Shisha Room – #55 on the Tour

  1. That 20% automatic tip is just, I don’t know.

    And to answer your closing question, Dante, all of them. You must go to all of the Hooka Bars, in Worcester at least.

    1. The automatic tip must be something they decided was necessary for the hookah smokers not knowing to tip, it still is kind of lousy. I believe, though not sure there is at least one more hookah bar in the city, and I will go Bob, of course I will go. That is my duty, to this little read, silly ole blog. But go I must.


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