Parkway Restaurant and Bar – #56 on the Tour

The Bar: Parkway Restaurant and Bar

The Address 148 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the TIme Four on a Sunday

The price 6.75.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No, he put it in, with no problem all by himself. The clever lad.

What was the type of gin He was looking for well drink, like I asked, and he shrugged and took out the tanqueray. That was nice.

What was the gin and tonic like It was good, I liked it. It had a kick but it had flavor. But let’s be fair and true here, I liked being at this place, and surprise surprise surprise (say that like Gomer Pyle) I liked the drink. Like the place-like the drink. Coincidence?

The Joint This is a clean, straight forward restaurant with an el shaped bar. The tables are basic, so are the chairs. The walls have sports memorabilia on it. It looks like a basic diner style joint, because brother it is a basic diner. And that’s good. There is nothing here you haven’t seen in a bunch of other places, but those other places are probably where you like going for breakfast or lunch.

General Impressions A sports bar! A sports bar! A sports bar! What a joy to see a decent exemplar of the idea. Yeah, its a diner restaurant, but what a nice thing. People were here to see the Pats play the Broncos and they were all invested and happy and wearing the correct colors, there was no Denver Orange in this place bucko. A couple stops on the tour ago I was at Scorz, and I thought that that was not a good sports bar, but I couldn’t say exactly what the key points of good sports barness could be. I now have a good one to compare and contrast with. When I got in there, the Patriots and Broncos game was getting close to start. There were three people working the bar, all in official Pats gear. The bar was mostly full. The tables had a groups of folks getting pitchers and food. They were busy but there was no wait time for my drink. All the people at the tables were sitting in a way to see the screens behind the bar. There was shouting and talking and a general feeling of good will. The bartenders were good and attentive, even though they had no slack time.

Everyone here was present for one thing, to have a good time. And this group had decided that a good time was gathering here, in a brightly lit space, with room enough to sit and stand, to watch a game and shout together. To triumph together, to (we hope not) lose and blame the team together. It was a raucous welcome.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back You bet. A good time. The food looked good. The staff were on their game and the place was open and fun. I guess the real clue to how I felt was that  I debated staying, about getting another beer and pushing down roots.


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