Peppercorns – #57 on the Tour

peppercorns.jpg (1037×778)

The Bar: Peppercorns

The Address 455 Park Avenue

The Day and the TIme Friday at 4

The price 6.69 (that’s right, 6.69, just three cents more valuable than the sign of Satan, I feel quite expansively evil when I consider that point)

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime Nope, he put it in with no muss and fuss.

What was the type of gin I think it was a well gin.

What was the gin and tonic like It was good. It was fine. It was adequate. It was sufficient. It was.

The Joint. They did something to the bar area, which is a good sized room and a decent bar. I think it looked better before. I think they refurbished it. It is very light fake wood. Even the walls have that light wood pannelling thing. Okay, let me say it, the place looked and felt beige. It might not have been exactly beige, but that is what  I would say if asked ten seconds after leaving. I would have said, “The place? The place? Beige, right?”

General Impressions I used to like this place. That is not a stick in the eye. Just a statement of fact. I used to like going here. Hell, I had the rehearsal dinner for my wedding here. I liked it. But it went through changes. It built a front room that for a while was an ice cream place and then it was Wormtown Brewery. They changed their menu. They upped their prices. I didn’t really enjoy the last time I was there. My wife met friends a few month back there and was shocked at how pricey it had gotten and it wasn’t that great. That kind of thing. Nothing terrible, but it was easy to find myself not going. There were other places to be and call “my place.”

The joint, for early Friday happy time, was alright with 10 or 15 people. Near me at the bar, two people were talking about their kids and things at work, which was obviously Clark University. This ain’t a Clark bar, but a Clark faculty bar. Two young guys at the bar both got a flight of beers and were both consulting the beer menu and their smart phones, and taking pictures of beers after they tried them. Hey! Wait a minute. I’m the only one blogging about bars here, buddy! Just kidding, they were beer folk getting all foodie on their hops and malt. They were quiet and didn’t seem to be having too much fun while doing this.

I listened to after work conversation and kvetching. I watched serious beer drinkers drink seriously. I waited for the paint to peel. The bartender was good, checking to see how I was, making sure no one was left adrift.

Amount of Time in the Joint: More than 10 minutes less than 15. I pinched myself to attention and got out.

Will I come back: Huh, what wait, I drifted off, what? Oh can you ask that again, I missed what you said.

Will I come back: No.



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