Blue Jeans Bistro – #63 on the Tour

french_fries_0810-md.jpg (300×300)

The Bar: Blue Jeans Bistro

The Address 266 Park Avenue

The Day and the TIme Sunday at seven, a Patriots game was on, though it was pretty obvious that they were going to lose. Just to put the right mood on a game night moment.

Musical Recommendation While Reading this Post: It has to be Jazzin for Blue Jeans by David Bowie. Find it on SPtify I’m sure.

The price: 5.50

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No, he put it right in like he had been practicing all his professional life.

What was the type of gin. Well. It was Gilberts. Which is becoming my arch nemesis.

What was the gin and tonic like It was okay. After 63 gin and tonics on this tour, I am getting a little tired in the pallette area of Gilberts and Tonic, but it was a well put together drink. The right amount of tonic to gin. Ice and Lime. For the lowest common denominator drink (which is what I asked for) it was all good.

The Joint Wouldn’t it be awesome if Blue Jeans Bistro had a dress code of only formal clothes? I know, silly, but this is how my mind works sometimes. Butt I can see it “I was thrown out of Blue Jeans Bistro for not wearing slacks and a dress shirt.” Okay, I’m done

This is a nice new place to have on Park Avenue. This is next to Blue Jeans Pizza and underneath 266 Club. This used to be a variety of Asian places, I know it was Thai Cha-Da, but I couldn’t find all the info if the location had another name or iteration. So the Blue Jeans Pizza people took it over and now they have a pub restaurant next to the pizza joint (which is pretty decent). The place is classic pub bar decor of wood finish and railings and tables with big chairs. What surprised me and was kind of nice, was that the tables were spread out, they could have put more tables crunched in, but they went for space. I really like that. You don’t see that too often and it was nice to notice. Also, they had two areas where instead of dinner table and chairs there was a low coffee table and leather chairs for people to relax with pitchers of beer and have the apps or whatever. This was cool too. When I came in the place had about 10 or 15 in the dining area and another 10 or so at the bar. Which was alright for a game night.

General Impressions The bartender was good and he was pouring a lot of very large beer pitchers, larger than I have seen at the other bars on the tour. He kept things going. The food looked good in a “I got a buzz and I want some fried food and carbs” sort of way. The crowd at the bar was older, and more female than male. It felt like a very open available place. It was really a food and then drink place, but we will forgive it.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back I think so, why not. This could be a place me and Epicurean Eric and I can go for a beer and fries. We have noticed that some of our favorite bars don’t have fries on the menu. This can handle the dilemma quite well. You hear that Eric? Wanna get some grub and a beer?


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