On the Pledge (sorta)

Hi. This is just to let those who read this that I am still here and still doing the tour of all the bars in Worcester, but I don’t know when I will start up with bars again. Just a few days or a week I think. I was run down and now I got the ruling probable Pneumonia. That’s what happens from drinking all those gin and tonics made from Gilbert’s gin. I knew it was going to lead to ruin.

In the meantime, in the next few days, when I am up for it, I will write up the last two bars I went to, Funky Murphy’s and the Vintage Grill. I think I will also have a sidecar discussion about the difference between artistic tendencies and the pouring of drinks or the servicing of food.

In the meantime, go out, have a drink, explore a joint you ain’t never been to. Check out the scenery, enjoy the local custom. Let me know how it went.



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