Funky Murphy’s – #64 on the Tour

The Bar: Funky Muprhy’s

The Location: 305 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and Time: Sunday around five-ish

The Price I think it was around six bucks. I can’t find my notes and my memory is not clear past around six bucks or so. Give or take fifty cents.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime: No, they just put that bad boy in. We are on a definite streak with this, I like.

What was the type of gin: It was well.

What was the gin and tonic like: It was decent. I think it was a little harsh, but it was decent. I didn’t complain. I drank it all up, like every good little boy should.

The Joint: A Shrewsbury Street stand by. I have never been here, probably because I am not insanely enamored with chicken wings. Don’t get me wrong, I like chicken wings. I have eaten my share. But I am not a crazed wing head. It is a bar that skews young. The bar is long and there are a good amount of tables in the bar area. A band was setting up in a corner when I was there, but it was not crowding the place at all. There were rooms in back but they were taken up with a holiday party at the time. It was a good professional sports leaning bar with tvs showing the games going on. I should say that as soon as I walked in, I was assaulted with the smell of buffalo wing sauce. It was the perfume of the joint. I never thought I would want to be bathed in hot sauce before, but if I ever did, I know what my piquant aroma would be like. Almost every table had a large heaping plateful of wings. Some with different sauces, but the wings were ever present.

There were groups of guys at the bar. There were groups of women at the tables. There were even mixed groupings, this place takes all kinds.

General Impression: Its a good young folk place, where fancy popular drinks are mixed and beers are poured. There was a group of guys near me and one was pissed because he left for a few minutes and when he came back his drink had been cleared. His friends apologized and said they told the bartender that they can clear the drinks, because they were heading to a table. The guy kept on going talking about this lost well remembered drink. The guys went to a table and the guy mentioned to the waitress that his drink was cleared before he was done with it. The waitress smiled and nodded sagely and said, “Well that’s too bad.” And said no more. The guy got the hint and ordered another drink. I must say that I loved that waitress and her batten down the hatches attitude. She knows what she’s doing and the place is the better for it.

Amount of time in the joint: 15 minutes.

WIll I come back: I don’t think so. It’s a good place for a young person’s sports bar. But I don’t need a young person’s sports bar. I also want to smell more than buffalo wing sauce when I am at a joint. But for its type, its good and the people who want that kind of thing will want to go there, if they don’t already.


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