Homestyle Cuisine II and Bar – Not a number on the tour because there was no bar…..

Bar (Sorta): Homestyle Cuisine II and Bar

Address: 33 Canterbury Street

How was the Gin and Tonic: There was no gin and tonic, there was no alcoholic beverages.

The Story: The other day I drove on Canterbury Street and saw the mural outside of this building, which is kind of cool and saw the name of the place and swore. Another bar to go to on the tour. But I had a little time yesterday, and I was curious about a place I never heard of before. From what I could tell, the cuisine was Jamaican, which is cool. So I went in, there were three guys at the bar watching The Family Feud, eating food from disposable bowls. The place was empty. It looked emptier than not having a lot of people. The walls were painted a warm orange, but everything felt old. And then I noticed the bar, there was no bottles of any kind. None what so ever. It was like an old joke that I just made up, “What if you open a bar and no liquor bottles show up?” The place felt bare. On the wall behind the bar was a handwritten page of foods available with prices. So it had an old school lunch counter vibe going, but where was the bar of the Homestyle Cuisine II and Bar? I walked around, wanting to see what’s up. A young woman came from the kitchen area and asked if she could help me. I must have looked so out of water here. I heard myself ask, “Do you have drinks here?” This was a dumb question. But I am filled with dumb questions, like why am I going to every bar in town and getting a gin and tonic? The woman was kind to me and my stupid question, “Drinks, sure. Over here.” She walked behind the bar and I followed on the other side. She went to the end of the bar area and pointed to a small glass front fridge that showed sodas and juices (or as we bar tourists like to call them, mixers) She stood watching me looked confused. Obviously this was what I had to chose from. I was not hungry, but I couldn’t just leave. So I bought a bottle of water and left. Boy was I a suave fellow.

The place, I am sure is good for true Carrebean food, I am for it, but what’s the deal with the bar on the title? That’s a bait and switch, but also it makes me wonder what we assume when we hear bar? Is bar just the type of furniture we rest upon or does it mean spirits? I am not sure. I have gone to places like Anoyke Krom that didn’t say it was a bar with liquor, but there they were. This place said it was a bar and I could get water or a soda. So what is a bar? Really, at this point, I do not know.

The picture on top shows a tiny corner of the mural on the side of mural on the side of the joint. Its cool, you should check it out if you are about.


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