Vintage Grille and Gourmet Pizza – #65 on the Tour

The Bar: Vintage Grille and Gourmet Pizza

The Address 346 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the TIme Sunday around five or so. Not sure,

The price Six bucks-ish. Like the last stop on the tour, I don’t know where I put the notes on this one. It was either six or six fifty. For being on Shrewsbury Street, this is practically free.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime  She just put it in. This is getting to be the new thing, the thing I always wanted. To get a gin and tonic by just saying those simple words and getting everything I would want, which would be gin, tonic, ice and a lime. Inalienable rights, dontcha know.

What was the type of gin It was well.

What was the gin and tonic like This was a harsh drink, nothing to write home about, but it was decent. The old adage, nice enough place, makes a nice enough drink.

The Joint This once was a pizza joint named Juniors which I had been too. But then before that it was a garage, for cars, ya know. This is the new iteration, and it feels better. They fixed up the walls to be less garage bay like and filled the place with old car and oil signage. Its the place American Pickers would decorate. There were people here on this off time. Five at the bar, a few couples at the table. All drinking and and eating. The bartender was friendly and the place was comfortable, though it did feel a tad bit too much like a set of a retro bar, and not the actual retro bar itself.

General Impressions It was a nice place. Food and drinks. You get pizza. You get beer. You can even get a gin and tonic.But then I watched one of the platters of food arrive for a fella a the bar. He ordered a burger with onion rings. What he got was some kind of pop art. There was the bottom bun, there was the burger patty and then on top of that was a tower of onion rings that tapered off until it towered five inches above the paddy and then the top bun is placed on it. Its like a telescope burger. It’s like the burger had some teenaged impure thoughts and expanded up. Its an oniongasm. It was weird art that the guy didn’t know how to eat.

The staff told him to either take the onion rings off or scrunch it down, collapsing the creation. And I have to ask, despite the fact that it looks cool, wouldn’t have just been better if the onion rings were on the side? Is the shock of the first image worth the work you have to do to have it ready to be eaten? I don’t know, but I feel the same way about complicated drinks where you have to mix this and then take this first sip and then that second sip. I just want a drink to enjoy. A burger I know how to navigate. Perhaps I am a culinary luddite, but I am okay with that. To answer the question, the guy took off the onion rings and ate them separately. They looked good, but believe me, kind of daunting when it came from the kitchen.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 Minutes, i spent a good chunk of that time just staring mesmerized at the telescope burger installation.

Will I come back Maybe. The food looked good. The place was friendly. The drinks were decent, but the thing is, I am now at 65 bars, that’s a lot of places to chose from. This place was good, but it just might not be mine.


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