Plaza Azteca – #66 on the Tour


The Bar Plaza Azteca:

The Address 539 Lincoln Street

The Day and the Time Friday at 10

The price Ten bucks. Oh, yes, ten bucks.The music was blaring so conversation was tough. I asked how much and said ten and I looked at her puzzled, because I saw the plastic cup of booze she gave me and then she brought up her two hands and shot out all her fingers. I was hoping this was a muscle spasm and not her telling how much it was. Ah well, it was no muscle spasm. Darn.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime I don’t know, it was so loud, she asked something, I said what, she asked it again and I still heard nothing, so I said yes and shook my head emphatically. I got a lime.

What was the type of gin. Well

What was the gin and tonic like For a ten dollar drink, this was pretty paltry. It was well gin in a 10 ounce plastic cup.The drink tasted of the ice. It was okay at best. But at this place I guess you are paying your admittance and not for the drink.

The Joint This is a big Mexican restaurant in the Lincoln Square area. It used to be a Bickford’s. Ah how I miss those greasy Bickford breakfast specials, but never mind. Now it is a fairly busy Mexican place, I have not eaten here, but my friends say its alright. When I went in, people were still dining. One large party, all Spanish speakers, had taken over one of the rooms and was having a raucous pre-Christmas dinner. I had to go through the entire restaurant before I got to the bar. The bar room was a good sized square of a room. I think they took out tables to allow for dancing. So it was pretty hollow in the middle. The DJ in the corner was blaring salsa and lights were flashing. About 20 people were there, still too early for the real fun to start. People were trickling in as I drank. Only one couple was dancing, and they looked good. A joy to watch two people who know how to move, actually do it. The man seemed to want to hold back and wait for more people to show, but the woman kept dragging out to dance and he was happy to oblige.

General Impressions As far as I could hear, I was the only English only speaker in the joint, That’s cool. Let the cultures of Worcester find a place to hang out and dance. They were happy to see who came through the door. They were excited to have the evening begin. They were all dressed up. One woman didn’t take off her coat, she de-armored, it was ritualistic how she took off her coat to show off her dancing rags. It was like she was in a slo-mo scene from an eighties movie. She was in five inch red wedge shoes and I thought she was going to teeter over and hit the ground, but this was not her first rodeo, or salsa dance and she was fine.  Everyone was at the bar or in the chairs and tables around the perimeter. All waiting for the critical mass of people and need when there was no choice but to hit the floor and dance. It was time for me to move on.

Amount of Time in the Joint 10 or 15 minutes. When the music is blaring, time becomes more flexible. So does anyone really know what time it is (as the Chicago singer so sagely asked)?

Will I come back Probably not. I have Mexican places I like and the bar on that night, for the dance party, was lovely to be aware of that we have such a thing but not for me. This is how people pick where they want to go and who they want to be with. This is a place for a group of Worcester folk to feel comfortable, dance, and look good. And besides, 10 bucks for 10 ounces of gin and tonic in a plastic chinet cup, a wee steep for me.


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