Nancy Chang’s – #67 on the Tour

The Bar: Nancy Chang’s

The Address 372 Chandler Street

The Day and the TIme Sunday around five or so

The price 5.75

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She just put it in

What was the type of gin Well

What was the gin and tonic like. Eh. There has been worse. There have been better.

The Joint This is the first Chinese Restaurant I ever went to in Worcester about 15 years ago. I liked the food then, still do. Though they changed the set up in the place recently. The front door is in a different location, and its kind of weird. You have to walk through the outside eating area to get into the inside eating area, The big change for this blog is the bar, It used to be bigger. But it also had an area to pay and to get takeout. Now it is just a small oval bar. 12 can sit there and when I showed there were five. One guy was waiting for takeout and having a beer. Two were having food and mai tais. All the drinks, including mine, were in silly mason jars that had handles. Not a cool way to have a tropical drink or even a gin and tonic. So the Mai Tais come in mason jars, do the scorpion bowls get served in a moonshine jug?

General Impressions I can talk about how creepy the guy at the was with his “I”m just kidding” method he had at blatantly hitting on the bartender. But I want to spend my brief time talking about how the restaurant redesign completely took away the ability of the bartender to be a bartender. The way it is now, she has no control of the cash register. She has to go to the lobby to process the bar payments. I gave her the money for my drink and she took it, left the bar, went over for two or so minutes to have the cashier process it and then come back to the bar with my change. That sucks for her. She is not a bartender, she’s a waitress with an oval shaped section. Up  until this moment did  I not consider one of the powers the bartender has, the control of the till for the bar. I know that a bad bartender can ruin a business, but to take away all of her ability to run a bar, its crazy. Before I left she had to go and take care of a credit card payment for some food and a couple drinks. She was gone for another two or three minutes. I want my bartenders to be the rulers of their tiny domains, not subservient to the girl at the cash register.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes. But much of that time was waiting for the waitress, I mean bartender to return from her visits to the cashier.

Will I come back No, not for bar only. I have always liked the restaurant. I don’t like the new renovation set-up, its cumbersome and confusing. But I still like the food. The bar was just a laughable way-station. If you want a mai tai, go a place with some sense of fun. Sakura Tokyo or Ho Toy. Those places the bartender can take money and give change right at the bar, its nice. You dont know how nice it is until you are deprived of it.


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