Sake Bomb – #68 on the Tour

The Bar: Sake Bomb, this is up there as one of the establishiments I have walked in as part of the tour with one of the worst names. Sake Bomb, its just taunting for a bad review, ain’t it? (and, spoiler,  it gets one!)  Yes. I know it is the name of a cocktail. It is the Asian restaurant equivalent of a boiler maker. It is a glass of Red Bull where a shot glass of sake is dropped and submerged into it (thank you wikipedia) I acknowledge, it is a drink a fella can order. But, there is a drink called Sex on the Beach, but I don’t need to go to that bar. These used to be where the sushi bar Haiku was. That’s a nice name.Now its a place called Rum and Coke, I mean Sake Bomb.

The Address 258 Park Avenue

The Day and the TIme  Six-ish on Sunday before Christmas

The price 5.89. Tax is so silly, why don’t they just charge me six bucks and be done?

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime No, she just put it in.

What was the type of gin It was well

What was the gin and tonic like It was good. Nothing special, but good. It was in a lovely high ball glass with a tapered top. It was a nice glass to hold as I drank. You might think that glass shape doesn’t matter in enjoyment of a beverage, but then you would be a philistine.

The Joint It is a narrow restaurant with tables on one side and a restaurant length bar on the other.There were people at the bar eating and drinking. It was certainly not a rush time but still pleasant to see people there. At the end of the bar was the area where they made the sushi. One of the dishes came out for a customer and it had blinking LED lights underneath shredded cabbage on the side. What’s the deal with inedible plate elements?

Besides me at the bar were three guys drinking and eating and talking, about cigars, cars, vacation spots they have been to. One was slightly annoyed that the bartender could not make him a white russian, because they don’t have milk or cream as part of their bar set-up. The guy said he will go to the Exxon and buy a quart. He didn’t. The bartender said that the next time they come they should call ahead so she can pick some milk up. She offered him a black russian, but he declined, I guess the moment was gone.

General Impressions I was going to say it was alright. That it had a sense of bar-ness to it. That it was cool to see the sushi chef come over to a customer to ask how she liked what he did. But then I tried to pay and leave, and suddenly I was stuck in a Luis Bunuel film or in the ending of Waiting for Godot. I was not allowed to leave. When I was done with my drink, I waited a couple minutes for the bartender to notice me and I asked for my bill. She went and did a few other things, talked to a few other customers and came back in a few minutes with my bill and then she was gone before I could give her my money, which was out and waiting. She came back to my general vicinity and walked right past me, the guy next to me asked for his check. She went and printed out his bill and gave it to him, and then he took out his credit card and she took it and processed it. I am still sitting there with my money and bill in my hand. She finishes that and then the guy two down from me asks for his bill and she does the whole thing again. I am still there with my money out. I didn’t know there was a third guy in that group but before she even noticed me she printed out his bill and processed his credit card. All these guys had their cards out and pointing before she went to them. I only had cash (poor Dante). She finished the bill of this third guy, these guys had drinks and food and probably tipped well, at least I hope they did. So now there was no one but me and she walked right by me and went into the back. I was pissed. I got up and looked for the cash in my pockets to see if I could pay and leave. I had enough money for the drink but not enough exact change for the tip, and here is the funny part, I couldn’t see myself leaving without tipping (even though the bartender ignored me for five minutes over perhaps more preferred clientele) I couldn’t leave. Crazy. Let me state again, I was the first out of the four customers who asked for the bill. At this point I was standing up and looking manic, trying to find a way to pay and leave without needing to include her in the process. She either noticed this mad man or someone pointed out this mad man and she came over, took my money, gave me change and quietly mumbled, “Sorry.” I tipped her. More than twenty percent. Its what us tourists do. I left fuming. I know its petty, but man, it was so obvious and annoying. The guy with only one drink on the tab gets bottom of the barrel service. The high rollers get preferential treatment.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes. Most of those waiting for her to deign to notice me to allow me to leave this crappy ass place (sorry, I usually am not this annoyed at a joint, but I watched her ignore me over three other customers and then not even come by after that to take my money. Did I get leprosy recently and didn’t notice?)

Will I come back No. Never. Even if my great friends tell me that what happened to me was an aberration and its a great place. But I know my great friends, and I think they would have issue having food at a place called Sake Bomb. I’m sorry to say this, please avoid. I don’t know if it will be you who will be snubbed there next.


2 thoughts on “Sake Bomb – #68 on the Tour

  1. Thank you for all of that. Also…

    A) Any drink that begins with the words “Red Bull” triggers a pang of nausea in me and B) the shot glass goes inside of the highball glass? How does that not always and inevitably result in a chipped tooth? The whole endeavor seems fraught with peril.

    And, again, thank you for that.

  2. Hi Uschi,

    I talked to a few bartender friends before I posted this and they said Sake Bomb is like a Jaeger Bomb where the drink is put into a pint glass of Red Bull. It used to be beer, but now Red Bull is the thing. They told me that is a drink to encourage more drinking, Red Bull drinks are binge drinking drinks, they said. Does not seem appealing to me one bit. Certainly would not want to name my high rent neighborhood restaurant it. But that’s just me.


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