Smokestack Urban BBQ – #69 on the Tour

The Bar: The Smokestack Urban BBQ

The Address 139 Green Street

The Day and the TIme 2 o’clock on Wednesday, Christmas Eve

The price 7.49 (you know, I would have paid for the extra penny. Really, I would)

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime Yes, this is awesome. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and he likes limes put in his highball cocktails without being asked. (Yeah, I believe in a sophisticated, erudite St. Nick)

What was the type of gin It was well, but it was not Gilberts (Once again, the joy of the Christmas season)

What was the gin and tonic like It was okay. A little on the light (weak) side, but tasty none the less. I drank it quickly and didn’t feel light headed. It was an acceptable cocktail. This is not a place to get fine drinks, but have something to go with the barbeque ribs and mac and cheese they have there. And taking that into account, the drink was perfect.

The Joint This used to be a few places in the past, notably Block Five. But now it is the smaller location for Smokestack and its a good setting. There is a nice sized bar area where folk can sit and eat. and they were. It has that urban upscale thing going, but still, its BBQ and that has a humble feel as well. The place was busy in the bar with groups of workers cutting out work early for the holiday and having one more little meal-party together. There was a really nice aura of congeniality. Lots of beers were being drunk. Ribs were being consumed.

General Impressions The bartenders were very nice and friendly, attentive and quick. Maybe they were pleased with the sudden amount of business. The joint is clean and the food smelled really good, especially to the nostrils of this one tourist who was Christmas shopping and skipping lunch.  This is a bar restaurant and works well with that. You come for food. You might come for a beer and an appetizer. With the good bar staff they had, even the busy times would be a decent time to come.

Amount of Time in the Joint: Only five minutes but that’s because this was just a quick respite on a busy day for me. I had other places to go. I’m a guy, of course I didn’t complete my Christmas shopping until the last moment. It’s in the the genes.

Will I come back Yeah, I have eaten here before and liked it. I have another BBQ joint that’s my favorite in town, but this one is good, though a little pricier. The drink was good and I liked the way the bar area was, I can see myself having lunch and a beer there.


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