Sweet – #71 on the Tour

The Bar: Sweet.

The Address 72 Shrewsbury Street

The Day and the TIme Friday at 8:50

The price It was 9.60. Now there might have been a cheaper drink, but I went in and saw the nice selection of gins and scotches and just didn’t want to dive into the Well, if you will, so instead of saying Well, or Basic. I told the bartender, “Your choice.” And he chose. So I paid for my request.  I know, I know, I broke my rule, but after so many Gilbert’s Gin and Tonic, I just couldn’t make myself do it in a shmancy place like this, consider me chastised.

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He just put it in

What was the type of gin This was funny, I never had anyone do this before. But the bartender twisted it open and sniffed the bottle. He nodded approval and poured it for me. When he sniffed it I had an instant thought he was going to recoil as if he had just smelled toxic fumes or Gilbert’s. The gin was a brand called Old Grove. I looked it up and it is a nice small brand. I can recommend it.

What was the gin and tonic like It was good. Let’s hear it for breaking the rules from time to time and getting yourself a self respecting shot of gin. And it was a shot, for not only was this the first place where the bartender sniffed the bottle, it was the first place in all this tour where someone used a measurer. Nothing wrong with that, that way I won’t get too strong a drink, but its funny it took until the 71st  joint on the tour before I came across this practice.

The Joint I think this used to be part of an old car dealership (someone can correct me if I am wrong) but that’s what it looks like. The ceiling is way up there, there is even a second floor, like a small loft area. Most people were at tables eating deserts, which is what it is known for. I don’t know if they have entrees or not. I was just there for the gin, thanks. The crowd was all ages, but skewed young. Exposed brick, wait staff in black shirts and blue jeans (the 90s that have  returned!) Not very many people at the bar, but that’s what you would expect, this is not a bar to hang out in, read the paper in, watch the keno in. This is a high end dessert place with fine drinks that happen to have a bar like seating area.

General Impressions: At the bar in places like this, I am always near the area where the wait staff gather like migrating birds, where they wait for drink orders, and natter about the people they have to serve, or about a wait staff who aren’t here that day. I wanted to shoo them from their roost, to send them out to their tables, do something. One young woman was particularly loud and annoyed at something or other. I liked my drink, but I didn’t feel like I was in a bar. I felt like I was waiting for a taxi to come and killing time at the closest place. Its a nice place, but I felt that without a plate of creme brulee in front of me, something was wrong.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back I can see myself coming with the wife for dessert. Its great to see this place morph from a small storefront to this huge thing. But maybe not on any solo excursion, and I doubt I would get a cocktail. I like coffee with my sweets.


6 thoughts on “Sweet – #71 on the Tour

  1. Sweet is definitely in an old car dealership though I don’t remember which one, Oldsmobile maybe. It’s hard to recall what word was in the stained glass in the outer wall facing Front Street. They have small plate entrees, which I haven’t tried. Their desserts are enjoyable. Take that lovely wife of you there sometime; skip the G&T.

  2. Thanks for the info Bob. I will take her there one of these days. But that’s the problem with this tour, there are great places to go back to, almost too many. I want to have deserts at Sweet, fried food dinners at Herbies, Ghanan food at Anoyke Krom and another good drink at the Fix. The list goes on.


  3. Sweet does have apps and entrees now, but it is also most definitely a bar. There is another cool, more intimate bar up in the loft area and they have a kick ass cocktail and small batch bourbon and Scott menu.

    My friend also told me they are in the process of installing a 16 tap system for craft beer at Sweet. I’m guessing that at least some will be Wormtown since Wormtown just moved into the same building.

  4. Thanks for commenting Scott. I did hear they had apps and food. That’s great. I didn’t know about the upstairs bar, that might have more of a stronger bar feel to it. I am still trying to create my theory of what I want in a bar. Sweet’s felt like a side note to the tables, not really an entity on to itself. The more I am going to bar-restaurants, the more I am trying to set up what I would like to see.

    Thanks again for reading and replying


  5. It was a Buick dealership. One of the first ones. The developer had to restore the original stained glass Buick emblems high up on the transom windows. Really great project and looks to be full. Worm town Brewery just opened there and will be opening its own bar soon in front of the brewery. Looks pretty cool from what I could see squinting through the glass door.

    1. Thanks for the info Will
      These are my favorite type of comments I get on this blog. I love when Worcester folk tell the history of a location. What it was, what it took to get it looking like it did. And let’s be fair, I wish Cafe Neo was still a donut shop (history imparted to me from a commenter), but that’s just me
      Thanks also for the info on the Brewery. Looks like I have another place for the tour to stop at. I am happy and sad at that. Now, more than halfway done with the tour, I hear of a new bar and I get uncontrollable chills.


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