Northworks Bar and Grill – #74 on the Tour

The Bar: Northworks Bar and Grill

The Address 106 Grove Street

The Day and the TIme Tuesday at 6

The price $6.45

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime She just put it in.

What was the type of gin It was Gordon’s.

What was the gin and tonic like I thought it was decent, there was some nice notes to it that didn’t make me want to weep once again.

The Joint: This is one of those stealth joints that is a hell of a lot bigger than it seems from the outside. Its a good long bar area with several connecting dining areas. The place was a little more than half full, decent for Tuesday. The bar was a classic style, read slightly generic. It was clean, it had booze, it had signs and pictures. Been there, seen that. Nothing wrong, for some this familiarity can be very comforting.

Can I make a dumb statement? I know I don’t have to ask, if you have read this tour, you know I ask a lot of dumb questions, and respond with even more idiotic answers. So here is the question, what’s the deal with all the TVs. At a bar I guess that’s just how it is, but not only did Northworks have TVs in the bar area, they had TVs hanging above the dining areas as well. Heaven forbid that you are at a bar and cannot see Sports Center (without sound) playing when you are having your highball cocktail, but to have it on while you are out with your family eating dinner, must we have Reality Programming in our eyesight? Is it crazy for me to dream of a bar without a TV going, maybe I would look at the paper. Maybe I would concentrate on my drink. Maybe I would have a conversation with someone nearby? In my memory, I have only been to one bar in this tour without a TV (one in seventy four) and I didn’t even like that bar, go figure.

General Impressions The bar was full and that was surprising. It was December 30th and I think a lot of people were ramping up for New Years. Near me at the bar were a group of older men who all seemed to know each other. They talked about work, and some were doctors, bankers and other things out of my pay grade. They complained about how hard their work was. One said, “I am working harder than I ever had. I always thought when I got to this age, it would be easier, but I’m working harder now.” All the other men nodded understanding and got more drinks.  One of the guys was all hands with the female wait staff. One waitress was leaning over the bar, getting a bar order, and this old spry fellow had his arms around her and she tried valiantly to not offend him but still get the beers she needed for her tables. She had a resigned look, like this was not the first time the old guy regular did this. All the waitresses and bar staff knew his name. The bartenders were good, gregarious and just on it. They created a friendly atmosphere. Too friendly for one guy sitting near me though. I was tempted to tell this guy, leave the staff alone, they are trying to work here. Of course I didn’t. I didn’t eat the food but I had a friend who said he didn’t like the place, that the service was poor and the food mediocre. I thought my drink and the service was good.

Amount of Time in the Joint 20 minutes

Will I come back No. Not my people. I am not the right age and not the right tax bracket.


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