Michael’s Cigar Bar – #76 on the Tour

The Bar: Michael’s Cigar Bar

The Address 1 Exchange Street

The Day and the TIme 8:45 Friday

The price Eight Dollars

Did they ask me if I wanted a lime He just put it in and it was a whale of a lime slice. I had apartments smaller than this lime slice.

What was the type of gin Well

What was the gin and tonic like It was alright, but not mixed well I think. By the end of the drink, it was quite weak. This is all confusing because a couple stops back on this tour, at the Fix, I had the best Gin and Tonic I had since I’ve started this silly project. That place is run by Niche Hospitality, Michael’s is also a Niche group place, but their Gin and Tonic was fair to eh. How is that one of the places in the restaurant group has a killer drink and another place was resoundingly mediocre? I only bring this up, because I was hopeful when I ordered my drink at Michael’s. Life is disappointment.

UPDATE: I made a mistake and this tirade was wrong, I didn’t like the gin and tonic but Michael’s is not a Niche Hospitality place – Dante

The Joint. I believe (and you know me and my thorough research of this tour) was the Firehouse bar. This is a big place with plenty of space to recline and hookah and smoke cigars. Their cigar room, where you buy your stoogies, was a handsome space. The whole thing has a men’s club feel. Dark wood, leather chairs. A guy was setting up to play some music when I was there, but I missed his brilliant performance (darn). This is the first smoking bar where it was smokey. Maybe their air filters were down or something. But I watched a low flying nicotine cloud travel from the low pressure front of the bar area to the high pressure cigar room.There was a nice croud of people, but not too crowded.

General Impressions: The first conversation I heard was a guy at the bar talking to a woman about the sales job he has, and she said she was in marketing and there was something about strategies and what not. This is no dive bar buddy. This is affluent younguns and their toys, which seemed to be fine scotch and cigars. The class aspect of the place was interesting to me. I didn’t feel like they were my people. The bar staff was decent.

Any First Date Horror Stories?: Why yes, there was behind me. A man and woman were heading to the bar. She asked him what he was going to have and he said he was going to have a Jameson’s and coke. She asked what Jameson’s was and he said it was whisky. She said, “Oh. Hard liquor.” The date should have ended at that time. but yet they didn’t play the “Run Out As Quick as You Can” Card and he ordered a Jack and Coke (I know, he changed his order) and she had a wine. They talked about the shifts they had at work. He didn’t seem to understand what second shift meant. In the space of three minutes the date was spiraling down, the repartee was getting more stilted, the conversation drying up like a puddle in the Mohave. He stated that it looks like there is going to be some music, maybe they should find a seat near and listen. She shrugged. They went to find seats to have a wonderful experience. Oh, this ones going to end badly.

Amount of Time in the Joint 15 minutes

Will I come back No. Cigar Bar meet Non-Smoker, Non-Smoker meet Cigar Bar, now go out a never see each other again. For its type, it seemed nice. I liked it a little more than Smokey Joe’s. But I ain’t going back to either one.


2 thoughts on “Michael’s Cigar Bar – #76 on the Tour

    1. Thanks for getting in touch Jen. I was wrong. Michael’s is not Niche, I am sorry for the mistake and I made some edits and some updates to let people know that I am a dunderheaded tourist. Eagle eyed readers, I need em

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